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Job Description

To be responsible for Marketing, Communications and PR – generating quality enquiries from key markets locally, nationally and internationally.

Main Responsibilities - Digital Amplification with Measurable Results (DAMR)

Digital Advertising – Manage cost effective and strategic placement of advertisements and entries for the school in the regional, national and international publications, directories or guides. Monitor and report on their effectiveness.

Comprehensive Practical Experience With The Following:

● Facebook & Google Advertising (Search, Display, Video).
○ Strategize, setup, measure, and optimize campaigns to achieve KPIs (reach, CPC, CTR, CPL, CPA,etc).

Social Media & Website:

- Strategy – Develop and implement a social media strategy that will integrate the school website, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds and other media.
- Maintenance - Ensure that the information is regularly updated and monitored as well as ensuring that the number of relevant followers grows at a steady rate.
- Markets - Key markets to include alumni, parents of alumni, current parents, prospective parents, agents, educational contacts within HCMC and overseas and other influencers.
- Take responsibility for website content updates and structural changes.

Have assistant to support the following in execution:
● Website Content Updates.
● Social Media Posts (Creation, schedule, pull reports metrics).
● Basic scheduling of promoted ads on Social Media & Google.
● Scheduling / Design of emails.

Media Relations:
Digital Outreach - Maintain and focus the TAS PR and Media strategy and implementation.

Write and place stories with local, national, and regional media (both on-line and in print) as well as specialist educational magazines and national radio and television. - Via Email Outreach campaigns.

Profile Raising
– Work with the Principal to continue raising the profile of TAS through the local and national media, events, networks and speaking engagements etc.
– Support campaign implementation via email with (Marketing Operations Manager).

AGENTS - Digital Amplification with Measurable Results (DAMR):

Relationships - Develop successful relationships with educational agents in existing and emerging international markets. Ensuring they are aware of the benefits of TAS and continue to recommend high quality students.

Monitoring and tracking - Work with the Head of Admissions to ensure that agents are communicated with at the right time and in the best way. Record contact with agents on the database.

Events – Support the most appropriate agent fairs and events and maximise the school’s presence with high quality literature and a positive approach.

REPRESENTATIVE - Support Marketing Operations Manager via Digital Amplification with Measurable Results (DAMR).

Local Markets – Develop and maintain relationships with influencers and feeder schools International Markets – Research and initiate new relationships with agents and influencers in new international markets for boarding recruitment
Events – Organise a presence at key external events and agents’ fairs that would be strategic in raising the profile of the school.

Communication – Maintain regular contact with former parents and students of TAS to ensure that they are informed of news and information about the school and recommend the school to friends and family.
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Job Requirements

● 3+ years of experience from ideation, execution to management of digital campaigns.
● Confident in discussing details of campaign performance with first hand experience of installing basic tracking codes, to creating performance reports and insights.
● Experienced in setting up digital advertising campaigns from A-Z on Facebook & Google (Search, Display, Video).
● T-Shaped Marketer (Broad fundamental practical experience across major channels, but highly specialized in 2-3 areas.)
● Effective written and verbal communication skills.
● A high level of attention to detail.
● Ability to work effectively within a team and independently.
● Able to hear and accept feedback that highlights their shortcoming.
● Initiative to achieve the results.
● Takes pride in their work.
● Loves Control.
● High level of Integrity.
● Transparent and honest communications.
● No victim mentality (It’s someone else’s responsibility or fault that we couldn’t do x,y,z.).

Job Locations

6 Song Hanh Road, Ho Chi Minh City - Long Thanh - Dau Giay Freeway, An Phu Ward, District 2, HCMC

The American School of Vietnam is committed to providing an American education of the highest quality to a student body comprised of Vietnamese and international students residing in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Our mission is to provide a stimulating, challenging, engaging and nurturing learning environment in which students deepen their knowledge of the world, develop their intellectual and social skills, and express themselves with thought, integrity and creativity.

The goal of The American School of Vietnam is to prepare the students for the academic demands and challenges of North American universities. It is the policy of The American School of Vietnam to employ highly qualified and certified teachers who support the mission and the core values of the school.

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6 Song Hanh Road, Ho Chi Minh City - Long Thanh - Dau Giay Freeway, An Phu Ward, District 2, HCMC - Viet Nam
100-499 staffs
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