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Job Description

We are looking for a bright, enthusiastic Sr. Partnerships Specialist who is full of ideas and broad network of contacts to ensure commercial and strategic relationships with FLG’s key financial partners.

Working between internal teams and partners, he/she is responsible for co-planning, development and management of an effective partnership strategy with the aim of reaching the target revenue, affiliate deal or leads generation from initiatives supported.

The goal is to drive sustainable financial growth through forging strong collaboration with partners.

Abiding to a high-performance culture and focusing on great execution towards revenue generation, he/she contributes to the company’s top and bottom line by:
- Research partners, identify key players and generate interest.
- Negotiate and finalize deals in accordance with company’s contract guidelines and policies;
- Keep a great ongoing relationships with current Bank partners and offer new ways to grow the partnership, including corporate deals, co-created/co-branded content, lead sharing and event partnerships;
- Creating roadmaps, laying down clear action plans and managing day-to-day execution of those plans by coordinating between internal and partner teams;
- Working with internal teams to execute activations and fine tune the mechanisms through which to unlock leads or revenue to our business deriving from our Partnership.

REPORTS TO: Country Partnerships Manager

A. 80% - Upgrade Partnerships & Realize Revenue Potential
1. Establish & maintain strategic partnership to increase our visibility, traffic, and realize the full revenue potential of collaboration.
2. Identify potential partnership opportunities, identify banks that we could pursue those with and make contact through phone, meetings and/or relevant trade exhibitions or events.
3. Uncover partner growth goals to deliver a great experience to our partners when working with our organization - you will represent our brand and be our partners’ liaison internally.
4. Creating roadmaps, laying down clear action plans and managing day-to-day execution of those plans by coordinating between internal and partner teams;
5. Create a partnership framework for each partner we’re currently working with as well as a detailed action plan to ensure that all partnership’s activities receive support and are delivered.
6. Maintain a pipeline of priorities and providing weekly updates.

B. 20% - Execute Activations
1. Collaborate with Top Management and other relative departments to align our internal goals with new and existing partner relationships;
2. Ensures that all personnel understand the importance of the Partnership Strategy and how it relates to them, and that they are fully involved in its implementation;
3. Define project schedules, technology solutions, finalize process and monitor
4. Identifies and resolves issues and risks
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Job Requirements

- At least 3 years of relevant experiences, preferably with exposure to Banking/Insurance
- Strategic thinker and outstanding communicator
- Strong commercial sense, with proven ability to achieve working outcomes
- Ability to bring divergent ideas to create new and innovative solutions
- Excellent oral & written communication skills in English and a thorough understanding of systems and process.
- Results driven character. Process focused with a tireless focus on output quality
- Excellent inter-personal skills, and ability to maintain strong relationships, strong cross-cultural skills and versatility in dealing with different types of partnership;

Job Locations

TNL Plaza, 346 Ben Van Don, Ward 1, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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Fitness and Lifestyle Group (FLG), is Asia-Pacific’s leading health and wellness group headquartered in Australia. FLG exists to make a meaningful, positive impact on people’s lives through innovative and diversified health and wellness offerings across physical and digital platforms.
FLG's portfolio of globally recognized brands includes Fitness First Australia, Goodlife Health Clubs Australia, Barry's Bootcamp Asia-Pacific, Jetts Fitness and Zap Fitness 24/7. Recently added to our portfolio are a collection of brands in Asia, expanding the group presence in the region with brands such as California Fitness & Yoga and Eri Clinic. With over 450 locations across Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia, we help our members live healthier and more active lives.

In 2007, we entered the Vietnam market with California Fitness & Yoga, the first and largest international fitness company to open in Vietnam. California Fitness & Yoga became a dynamic lifestyle center that inspires, entertains and energizes the communities it serves along with its more than 3000 team members.

Tập đoàn Fitness and Lifestyle Group (FLG) là tập đoàn về thể dục thể hình và chăm sóc sức khỏe hàng đầu châu Á -Thái Bình Dương có trụ sở chính tại Úc. FLG tạo ảnh hưởng tích cực, có ý nghĩa đối với đời sống cộng đồng thông qua các dịch vụ chăm sóc sức khỏe sáng tạo và đa dạng trên các nền tảng vật lý và kỹ thuật số.
Danh mục đầu tư của FLG bao gồm các thương hiệu được công nhận trên toàn cầu bao gồm Fitness First Australia, Goodlife Health Club Australia, Barry's Bootcamp Asia-Pacific, Jetts Fitness và Zap Fitness 24/7. Gần đây được thêm vào danh mục đầu tư của FLG là một tập hợp các thương hiệu ở châu Á, mở rộng sự hiện diện của chúng tôi trong khu vực, bao gồm California Fitness & Yoga và Eri Clinic. Với hơn 450 địa điểm trên khắp các nước Úc, New Zealand và Đông Nam Á, chúng tôi giúp các thành viên sống khỏe mạnh và năng động hơn.

Năm 2007 California Fitness & Yoga trở thành công ty thể dục thể hình quốc tế đầu tiên và lớn nhất ra mắt tại Việt Nam. California Fitness & Yoga không chỉ đơn thuần giống như bao phòng tập thông thường khác. Đây là trung tâm của phong cách sống năng động, nhằm truyền cảm hứng, mang lại niềm vui sảng khoái cũng như nguồn sinh khí mới cho cộng đồng với hơn 3,000 thành viên.

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Gold View building, 346 Ben Van Don, Ward 1, District 4, HCMC
1,000-4,999 staffs
Talent Recruitment Team


Chỉ phỏng vấn đầu vào với thời gian học linh động, phù hợp với học viên vừa học vừa làm.

Bằng được công nhận bởi Bộ GD&ĐT Việt Nam do Đại học Nice – Sophia Antipolis (Pháp) cấp có giá trị toàn cầu.

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