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Job Title: Power Business Development Associate

Division / Department: International Power Business Development

Location: Hanoi

Main Role & Responsibilities:

Overall governance

• Ensure understanding of power business development policies, in order to understand tasks needed to be carried out according to function’s policies and frameworks, as well as to ensure alignment and compliance with legal regulations and with the company’s overall direction, standards and governance.

• Support periodic revision of policies, standards, guidelines, work processes and procedures that are relevant to power business development work, to ensure efficient operation and alignment with company’s policies & compliance with relevant governance.

Function-related accountabilities

• Gather data on consumers, competitors, government policy directions, and market conditions through continuous monitoring of various business and economic outlooks to identify potential opportunities in strategic alignment with the company.

• Perform basic investment activities such as conducting due diligence and valuation modeling to evaluate the potential value and risks associated with M&A deals and other untapped power business opportunities, which include but are not limited to projects related to waste-to-energy power, gas-fired power, solar rooftop and energy storage, etc.

• Perform basic business development activities such as preparing comprehensive analysis, basic modeling, preliminary reports, proposal development and revision, project agreement negotiation (such as PPA, EPC, MOU, JDA, SHA, etc.), finalization of contractual terms and agreements, and other relevant processes to assist senior managements in the preparation for decision-making.

• Provide accurate and timely responses to client/stakeholder queries and assist senior managements in following up with existing and potential clients/stakeholders to ensure excellent service is delivered.

• Assist in liaison by establishing and maintaining constant communication with stakeholders to ensure all information and processes are aligned for proper operational coordination between internal functions and clients.

• Assist senior managements in building network with key industry players across different sectors, developing strong rapports with clients/stakeholders through regular follow-up sessions, and collaborating with other functions and personnel within the company to ensure successful delivery of service to the clients/stakeholders.

Other accountabilities

• Guide, if needed, junior members in performing their tasks to ensure consistent understanding and ability to perform tasks.

• Contribute, if needed, to the implementation of small to medium strategic project, in order to support more senior members in the documentation or reporting of performance.

• Engage in regular meetings/ updates with team members, collect feedback, encourage and promote team spirit.

• Identify/ respond appropriately to low-complex issues, in order to ensure that each issue is efficiently dealt with or escalated to a superior level properly.

• Respond to instructions to undertake specific tasks to assist senior members in the completion of projects or assignments.

• Be accountable for other certain works as assigned from immediate superior level.

Yêu cầu công việc

Specific Qualifications:

• Bachelor’s in engineering – preferred Electrical, or related fields such as Mechanical/Civil (but shall work in Power field).

• Having direct experience in Power business development. (Developing greenfield project or M&A)

• Knowing about permits & licenses, laws and regulations in Power business (PDP8 or having direct experience development at any stage of Renewable Energy project, Co-Generation Gas Fired or Coal Fired)

• Experience in conducting preliminary feasibility study and preliminary financial model.

• Good in English both speaking and writing and listening.

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13th month payment, attractive incentives based on performance

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Premium health insurance

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In-house and outside training
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Khoa Học & Kỹ Thuật > Điện/Nước/Chất Thải

Power Devices, Presales Technical, Business Development, Điện Gió, Điện Mặt Trời

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Tiếng Anh


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Hà Nội, Vietnam

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Wha Việt Nam
Wha Việt Nam
Wha Việt Nam

Hanoi, Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, Ho Chi Minh

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