Process Finishing Engineer Hard Goods

Process Finishing Engineer Hard Goods

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Mô Tả Công Việc

Working location: Ho Chi Minh City-Vietnam or Taiwan
Proposed Compensation: 65,000USD

1. Experience with surface finish metrology, texture parameters, surface treatments, and corrosion such as PVD, Plating and QPQ surface finishes;
2. Act as a liaison between engineering teams in PING USA, Vietnam and PING Taiwanese suppliers;
3. Perform process capability and feasibility evaluations to ensure seamless transition of golf components (emphasis on Plating/PVD) into high volume manufacturing;
4. Coordination of samples/rapid prototypes through manufacturing and testing;
5. Develop/approve manufacturing instructions using manufacturing engineering practices;
6. Execute pre-Commercialization auditing including yield analysis and continuous improvement activities via FMEA and other value added methods;
7. Perform new product, process and finish qualifications with emphasis on Plating, QPQ and PVD finishes;
8. Perform statistical analysis for cost reduction, quality improvement and improved Mfg. efficiency;
9. Recommend and implement improvements to pre-Commercialization processes, methods and controls that may serve to augment Manufacturing scalability once in production.
10. Perform outgoing pre-Commercialization inspection verifications and inspector training both for internal and external teams;
11. Provide pre-Commercialization support for finishing, component and component assembly;
12. Investigate and serve as a hub to support the incubation of new finishes, new materials, new component, technology’s or processes for PING USA consideration;
13. Serve as a liaison between Asia based suppliers, PING Asia based FOM’s, and PING Eng. to support timely and accurate transfer of FMEA RPN’s prior to Commercialization. Offer proactive input to Suppliers and PING USA to reduce Mfg. scalability risks once in Commercialization.
14. With gaps managed or mitigated, achieve timely release of new products via PING Release and Commercialization Release signoff.
15. Diligently use problem solving methodology and document the process and knowledge on one page summary reports.
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Yêu Cầu Công Việc

• B.S. in Chemical, Mechanical, Manufacturing Engineering;
• 4+ years’ experience working in a manufacturing/engineering environment with emphasis tied to Paint, Plating and PVD expertise;
• Completion of Lean Manufacturing training + minimum 2 years working directly on processes using Lean principles;
• Ideally fluent in Mandarin, English and Vietnamese and must be able to speak, read and write in English.
• Experience working on individual and team projects with successful results demonstrated in Asia;
• Must be familiar with a variety of manufacturing processes tied to Asia based golf club suppliers.
• Strong communication and interpersonal skills to enable coordination of projects within departments and outside source entity’s.
• Has demonstrated ability of initiative; able to work effectively in a team environment;
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At PING, our people are our greatest asset. By placing our people in roles that support their passions and strengths, they will thrive in their efforts to continuously deliver the best golf equipment in the world. The fundamental core value within PING Engineering is knowledge. Every team member contributes to our world-class knowledge capture system as the means by which we deliver performance driven innovation that differentiates us from our competitors and provides enhanced value to our customers.

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