Product Content Marketing Specialist

$700 - $1200

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The Product Content Marketing Specialist is a central figure in our marketing team, responsible for crafting compelling, high-quality content that resonates with our target audience. Fluent English and outstanding writing skills are essential, as you will clearly and persuasively communicate complex product features and benefits to a global market.

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Key Responsibilities: - Develop and implement a content marketing strategy that aligns with our brand voice and business objectives, focusing on clear, engaging English content. - Create impactful content across various formats and platforms (blogs, social media, email campaigns, website copy) to highlight our product's advantages. - Work closely with product and sales teams to ensure content accuracy and consistency in English language use. - Optimize content for search engines and user engagement, leveraging your fluency in English to maximize reach and impact. - Analyze content performance, using insights to refine and adjust strategies for better engagement and conversion rates. - Keep abreast of content marketing trends and best practices, ensuring our content remains effective and relevant. Ideal Candidate: - You have demonstrated experience in content marketing and a strong portfolio that showcases your ability to write compelling content in fluent English. - Deep understanding of SEO principles and content optimization for the web. - I have exceptional writing, editing, and communication skills in English and a talent for conveying complex ideas in an accessible and engaging manner. - A creative mindset, capable of generating innovative content ideas that resonate with a global audience. - Excellent organizational skills, with the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously under tight deadlines. - Background in e-commerce or tech is advantageous, especially within the Shopify ecosystem.

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13th-month salary bonus
12 ngày / năm
Summer Vacation

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Copywriting, SEO Content Writing, Product Marketing, Marketing

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35 Đường Lê Văn Lương, Nhân Chính, Thanh Xuân, Hà Nội, Việt Nam

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Assisty Technology
Assisty Technology

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