Project Manager ( 1java, 1 PHP)

Project Manager ( 1java, 1 PHP)

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13th month

Mô Tả Công Việc

- Project operation
1. Schedule compliance
- Create WBS
- Gantt chart using Ticket System
- Setting work task appropriately
- Create testcase → Create + Do Iteration Review multiple times
- Assign detailed tasks to the members of the team, confirm the completion
- Provide work instruction and set priority for work based on important points
- Example) Review code and instruct member to review code
- Example) Create and review testcases
- Grasp the status of completed tasks correctly and share to the members
- Coding is completed or not, has the unit test done or not, the result of customer review is satisfactory or not.
- Cooperate with communicators, who are experts in communication and interpretation.
Particularly, cooperate with the communicators to find the appropriate method to communicate with customer, to explicitly state what you want to say and understand customer's requirement, eliminating the possibility of misunderstanding.
Based on the above, investigate the customer's plan and create a corresponding schedule, confirm, and follow it.
2. Minimize the bug
- Minimize "bugs" occurring when delivery products to clients.
- Operate the project with the mind-set: The period for the client’s check isn’t the time to find bugs but the time to ensure that the product is a perfect one.
3. Avoid the consuming of customer resources
- Obviously, when you see any vague points, you must consult and confirm with clients. However, once the points are clear, you must use the tools such as wiki to visualize, memorize and share, and then use to reduce the amount of time for unnecessary Q&A sections.
- The missions mentioned above such as visualization, writing Wiki or sharing to member etc., are not necessarily within the scope of the PM's responsibility, he can assign it to the member. However, PM holds the final responsibility to secure the quality of information generated from these missions.

- Training members & Motivating up for members
1. Train and provide instructions of essential engineering technology for the project to members
- If there is any new technology necessary for the projects, PM must learn to accustomed to it and provide training to the members.
2. Provide training to match with company's policies· Provide training for development process
- If there is a development process + the need of training engineer to match with company policy, then go for it and make sure members comply with such policies in an actual project.
- If there is conflict between company's policies and client's policies that lead to disagreement, PM will discuss with client to persuade them to follow the process of the company to improve quality. However, at this point, the final solution is not the responsibility of the PM. If it is too difficult to negotiate with customer, PM may consult with upper management for the final solution.
3. Manage motivation of team member
- Use the company's provided funds assigned to PM to improve the motivation for members.
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Yêu Cầu Công Việc

At least 3 years experience in Java or PHP
Have experience with another language ( C#, .NET, iOS, Ruby..)
At least 1 year experience in Team Leader ( 3-5 member)
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112 Cao Thang
10-24 nhân viên
Talent Trader
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