Quality Manager - Furniture

Quality Manager - Furniture

Địa Điểm Làm Việc: Hồ Chí Minh
$1000 - $2000 879 lượt xem - Hết hạn trong 10 ngày

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Private health insurance
15 days paid annual leave
Company Annual Bonus

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What you’ll be doing – overview of the role:

As a Quality Manager at Teemo you will have 3 main responsibilities.

1. Quality Inspection (QC) activities, management, and control:
You will have to manage a team of QCs on the ground and ensure that they are well trained to each product that they are and will inspect in the future. You will also participate in the inspections process when needed.

2. Quality Improvement activities:
You will work on product corrective action plan with the support of your QC team, supplier and shall ensure continual product improvement as per Teemo’s business requirements.

3. Factory Audit, test, and compliance:
You will support Teemo in ensuring that products sold in all our customer’s countries are following customer’s standards, are legally compliant, are fitting-for-purpose and are meeting the requirements of UK, USA and EU General Product Safety regulations, depending on where the customer is exporting to.
Lastly, you will ensure that all goods are ethically produced, environmentally friendly and are fully compliant with customer, Teemo’s but also Vietnam’s regulations.

You will be our ‘’eyes’ on the ground and we expect you to communicate in a professional, transparent manner and always work in the best interest of Teemo.

You have a responsibility to ensure the enforcement of all agreed Teemo and customer’s Quality Standards, material tolerances, legal compliance, best practices and effective due diligence processes, escalating issues found, along with recommendations for corrective actions, to your Line Manager. You will guide and support the QC team and the Teemo’s product development team in maintaining these as part of the product development and inspection process, always ensuring that product quality meets with agreed specifications and standards at all stages prior to shipment.

You will ensure that all our QC’s are well informed, documented and well supported to fulfil their inspections. Goods must be found to be fit-for-purpose at the end of the production line, within the agreed timeframes to ensure goods ship on time. Where reworks are needed you will assess the problems identified and ensure the team(s) are aware of the work needing to be done to minimise the impact of the rework. Where significant issues exist, you will communicate the actions to your line manager in as promptly as possible.

Here are the main tasks which belongs to your role:

Quality Inspection (QC) activities, management, and control (70%) :

• Conducting raw material, In-line, final and loading inspections. These are the most important tasks of your role.
• Managing the performance of our QC team and build a strong & professional relationship with all individuals. Assist QC in the development of their inspection, technical and test reports skills if needed.
• Support the QCs but also our supplier’s production teams in their daily requests, concerns and build a strong, reliable, and collaborative environment.
• Identifying where additional inspection resource is required (internally or third party) and communicate with your line manager accordingly.

• Being instrumental in communicating our business targets, building collaboration between Teemo in the UK and our QC teams ensuring shared goals are met.
Quality Improvement activities (20%) :

• Assist in ensuring that new products released are fully compliant prior to shipment in line with the product development critical path and proactively support product improvements to avoid any potential risk during production or transportation. You will participate in all pre-production sample review meetings at factory with our QC team. Please note that the Product Development (PD) Manager will approve gold seal samples and issue pre-production sample review reports (PPSR).

• Supporting Teemo’s team in the UK in successfully delivering our cost saving initiatives, eg returns & claims agreements and spare parts agreements, and to be focused on preventing profit erosion by managing costs associated with Vietnam suppliers.

• Assisting Teemo’s design and product development teams upon specific concerns related to Quality or production.

• Proactively raising quality issues or concerns found during inspections to the relevant team and quickly work on an effective resolution to all product quality issues.

Factory Audit, test, and compliance (10%) :

• Regularly conduct factory visits and assist our suppliers in their Quality Assurance program, strengthening their existing Quality Management Systems (QMS) and ensuring all processes and products produced meet the high-quality standards.
• Support the Teemo’s team in the implementation and maintenance of UK/US fire and flammability regulations (UKFR), European Timber Regulations (EUTR) and Sharp & Blade Policy.

• Support the team in the implementation and maintenance of UK, US and EU regulations such as, but not limited to: REACH, RoHS, WEEE, CoSHH, CE conformity, ect… and work closely with the UK office, Teemo’s suppliers and 3rd parties Labs to ensure the regulations are met for all products exported.

• Educating factories with whom Teemo works in the effective use of personal protective equipment (PPE’s) and assist the Senior Quality Manager of each Factory in improving health and safety practices for factory workers as part of Teemo Codes of Practice.
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• We are clearly looking for someone who do things and not just say things.
• You must be fluent in Vietnamese, both written and spoken.
• You must have a good understanding of English, both written and spoken (only English CV will be reviewed)
• You have an understanding of the UK, EU, USA regulations & standards
• You are a furniture specialist with at least 7 to 10 years of experience in this industry either in a technical capacity, in production and/or in a quality role.
• You are familiar with the production processes for furniture, understand the quality in the manufacturing of Furniture, Upholstery, Lighting & Homewares categories.
• You have good communication and people skills and will have experience in building, developing, and maintaining a strong quality team spirit.
• You are highly organized, efficient, and able to demonstrate pace whilst maintaining accuracy.
• You will have a strong integrity and the strength of character to ensure a professional and measured approach is always taken when negotiating with our suppliers and our QC team.
• You understand social and ethical auditing practices for Asian factories and are confident in championing with our supply base in Vietnam.
• You are proactive in identifying any issues and quickly proposing potential solutions.
• You are willing to change and adapt to new processes and be open minded to the implementation of untested methods best suited to a growing, dynamic business.
• You have a good problem-solving mind set, being solutions driven with the ability to investigate problems to find the root cause.
• You can work efficiently under pressure.
• You have great ability to work autonomously and proactively
• You have an excellent attention to detail.
• You have a ‘’Can Do’’ and a team player attitude

Địa Điểm Làm Việc

Thủ Đức Garden, Đường Mai Chí Thọ, Bình Khánh, An Khánh, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Who we are:

We are a business-to-business furniture designer, manufacturer and supplier with offices in the UK and Vietnam. Our products are exported in more than 50 countries. Our Cambridge shire office covers sales, design, operations, and administration Services to our customers. Our Ho Chi Minh City office is home to product developers, merchandisers, shipping experts, and quality inspectors.

Our goal is to create products that are both beautiful and original. We also work smartly with materials, techniques, and processes to ensure our furniture is highly commercial for our customers. Many of our ranges have become best-sellers, providing strong sales for our clients for many years.

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No 12A, street 12, An Khanh Ward, District 2, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
10-24 nhân viên


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