R&D Manager (Polyurethane and Materials Expert)

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About Company

Our client is an industry-leading manufacturer specializing in component parts and tooling for footwear OEM manufacturers, and are looking for an R&D Manager to join their team. This position will play a pivotal role in guiding the General Manager and Headquarters with strategic oversight across all research and development activities for materials. This includes ensuring the uniformity of chemical compositions and the overall quality throughout our material production processes.

This position represents a unique opportunity for a seasoned professional to lead and innovate in the field of polyurethane and materials research and development, contributing significantly to our strategic objectives and operational excellence.

Reporting To: General Manager - Vietnam

Key Responsibilities:

- Strategic Leadership in R&D and Innovation: Provide leadership and oversight for research and development, including product innovation within the factory setting. This involves advising, imparting knowledge, and collaborating closely with the General Manager and local teams to fulfill the strategic objectives of this senior role.

- Client Engagement and Collaboration: Engage with clients periodically to showcase joint venture products and collaborate on developing materials tailored to client specifications.

- Quality and Production Oversight: Collaborate intimately with production management to guarantee that manufacturing processes are aligned with material quality and performance standards.

- Supplier Management Excellence: Work closely with purchasing management to ensure the procurement of top-tier supply sources that fulfill or surpass our material requirements.

- Safety and Compliance Guidance: Offer expert advice and direction on safely managing chemicals and other raw materials.

- Innovative Program Development: Lead the research, planning, and execution of new programs and protocols within the joint venture, overseeing the creation of innovative products.

- Cost Management and Innovation Evaluation: Monitor and manage the costs associated with new product development, evaluating which initiatives are worthy of pursuit based on strategic value.

- Technical Sales and Customer Feedback: Introduce new products to customers from a technical-sales perspective, actively seeking and incorporating feedback for continuous product improvement or new product development according to customer needs.

- Quality and Standards Negotiation: Establish, negotiate, and maintain in-house quality procedures, standards, and specifications, ensuring customer requirements are met or exceeded.

- Material Quality Specification: Define the quality requirements for raw materials in collaboration with suppliers.

- Standards Compliance and Safety: Set and maintain standards for quality, health, and safety, ensuring compliance with national and international regulations.

- Professional Development and Training: Identify and implement training needs to promote a culture of change, improvement, and excellence in performance and quality.

- Profitability and Strategic Direction: Direct strategic objectives to maximize company profitability.

- Data Analysis and Reporting: Collect, analyze, and disseminate statistical information to inform strategic decisions.

- Quality Assurance: Oversee testing and inspection of product materials to guarantee that finished products meet stringent quality standards.

- Managerial and Administrative Leadership: Assume significant managerial and administrative duties, overseeing team members' professional development and performance under your supervision.

Yêu cầu công việc

- minimum of five years of leadership experience in a similar role, or as a recognized expert in the field of chemistry, particularly with polyurethane materials.

- A bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering or a related field is preferred.

- Advanced proficiency in office software applications.

- Fluent in English, with excellent communication skills is a prerequisite.


- Attractive salary

- International working environment

- 13th-month bonus

- Annual performance review and professional training

- Social, Health, and Unemployment Insurance

- Working location: KCN Giang Điền - Biên Hòa, Đồng Nai

- Working time: Monday - Saturday, 48 hours per week

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Attractive salary and bonus

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Health insurance

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Regular Performance Reviews and Professional Training
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Dệt May/Da Giày > Phát Triển Sản Phẩm May Mặc

Polyurethanes, Footwear Molds, Footware Development, Polymer Chemistry, English

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Tiếng Anh

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Khu Công Nghiệp Giang Điền, Giang Điền, Trảng Bom, Đồng Nai, Việt Nam

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Trang chủViệc làmHoá chất/Hoá sinhMetasourceR&D Manager (Polyurethane and Materials Expert)

Ho Chi Minh

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Trang chủViệc làmHoá chất/Hoá sinhMetasourceR&D Manager (Polyurethane and Materials Expert)