Recruitment & Training Supervisor

Recruitment & Training Supervisor

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Job Description

A. Recruitment:
1. Strategy, process and organization:
- Define and advise effective strategy and plan to attract and hire top talents;
- Define and coordinate recruitment and selection policies, standards, process and operations in Vietnam, with relevant stakeholders;
- Put in place appropriate model, structure and resource;
- Watch over competitors and market trends for proper advice ad direction.
2. Implementation of recruitment actions:
Organize and lead the recruitment teams to:
- Define action plan to achieve targets and meet resource needs, in line with the company's strategy;
- Ensure efficient use of recruitment channels, and right approach to successfully respond to requirements;
- Develop active recruitment methods with social networks, headhunting...;
- Develop talent pools and networks, maintain active relationship with potential candidates;
- Know in-depth the company's activities and resource challenges to properly plan, prioritize actions, and anticipate needs;
- Ensure that relevant stakeholders are properly informed about recruitment targets, challenges and needs for best coordination;
- Follow up recruitment process (both with external and internal candidates), pro-actively implement suitable solutions to reach targets;
- Conduct, join in hiring process for key/strategic positions;
- Organize induction for new comers, ensure best conditions for their integration;
- Coordinate and develop strategic partnership with academics or hiring partners;
- Develop future talents for the company through various initiatives, including internship program.
3. Recruitment communication, employer branding:
- Ensure that contents for recruitment purpose (job descriptions, advertising articles...) are produced with highest quality;
- Monitor, develop information and contents regarding NIC Group’s recruitment, towards internal and external candidates, in coordination with communication team; ensure that they are correctly updated, effectively enhance awareness of the company's values and competitive advantages;
- Build event plan, ensure efficient organization of events (job fairs, seminars, sponsorships...) to meet recruitment needs;
- Represent the company and recruitment function in those events.
4. Budget management:
- Prepare recruitment annual budget;
- Follow up expenses and ensure efficient use of allocated budget;
- Lead negotiations with partners, liaise with purchasing team regarding contracts and agreements.

B. Training:
1. Identify training needs and develop training plan
- Continuously review and upgrade training curriculum based on actual requirements from Operation team;
- Develop an effective training programs which address the training needs while ensuring optimum cost.
2. Implement training programs:
- Implement orientation/ training programs for new people to provide fundamental knowledge and attitude;
- Follow up with Operation team (i.e. Restaurant Managers, Area Managers, Operation Managers, COO) to ensure new people are smoothly integrated into team, trained on the job and sent for re-train and on-going training;
- Continuously benchmark with other service providers in the industry to upgrade service quality by providing effective training;
- For people working at back office, training manager is responsible for their development/training plans are implemented as per plan.
3. Appraisal of training effectiveness:
- Implement post-training evaluation to ensure quality is met and design follow-on training
- Coordinate with Operation and relevant departments to get feedbacks on training results.
5. Build and upgrade training manuals, training process and other related documents and templates, provide input in standard operational procedures.
6. Ensure training center achieve its target and priorities from time to time
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Job Requirements

- Have proper working experience in a recruitment and training management position at firms with at least 500 employees;
- Proficiency in both Vietnamese and English (written and spoken);
- Strong presentation skills, and good command of PowerPoint;
- Sociable person, possessing good interpersonal skills;
- Ability to work under high pressure; can do attitude
- High sense of responsibility, integrity and result focus;
- Good communication and problem solving skills
- Good planning and organizational skills
- Language: can communicate/ present in English

Job Locations

Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam

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