Sales Engineer in Hanoi

Sales Engineer in Hanoi

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Mô Tả Công Việc

ㅇ Position : Sales Engineer

ㅇ Job Details :

1. Cutting Tool Sales Engineer
2. Follow Customer Needs
3. Find New Customer
4. Provide Technical Support to customer

ㅇ Working Days : 6 days per week

ㅇ Working Hours : 8 hours per day

ㅇ Working Place : Honoi
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Yêu Cầu Công Việc

ㅇ Degree : University

ㅇ Major : Engineering

ㅇ Experience : If have in cutting tool experience, get better salary

ㅇ Skills/Licenses : if you have a drive license, it can be perfect.

ㅇ Language : English(Fluent), Korean (Intermediate)
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DINE Inc. had started in 1975 as HANJOO Trading Company imported the cemented carbide cutting tools from SUMITOMO Co., Ltd. The previous president, late Sang Jin Lim incorporated the trading company and renamed it as DINE Inc.

DINE Inc. established in July, 1988 and it prepared the factory site in Gochuck-dong, Seoul in December. And the "manufacturing" area was added on the objective of business in the company.

Manufacturing of PBX Bite Shank for KORLOY was the first step to total tool-maker firm.

From the February 1989, 'Shelf holders' and 'Locators' had been produced by OEM, and we entered into the business of cBN/PCD cutting tools. It also reached an agreement with Kyoritsu Seiki Co., Ltd. on the introduction of the NC Tooling System in April 1990.

From December in 1990, it has been produced the current tooling system, and it produced the 'Balanced Cutter' initially in 1993. It took the patent for the 'Variable Structure of the Axle-length of Cutting Tools' in 1994. it also made a contract with SUMITOMO Co., Ltd. on cBN Cutting Tool Manufacturing Technology.

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1.000-4.999 nhân viên