Sales Executive / Account Manager (Fluent English)

$2000 - $4000

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Job Summary

We are looking for an ambitious and energetic Sales Executive / Account Manager to help us expand our customer base and drive business and sales growth. You will be the front of the company and will need to build long-term relationships with new customers.

The end result of this position will be broken down into 2 stages within the role.

The objective of the first stage of this position is to fully understand the sales procedures and industry knowledge in order to generate qualified leads.

Once the candidate can independently and consistently generate qualified leads, the role will then move on the stage 2 meaning taking in the full scope of responsibilities and to start converting qualified leads into sales (also known as orders placed)

An example milestone or performance measurement that will enable the candidate to transition from Stage 1 to Stage 2 of the role would be to consistently achieve KPI’s set in which showcases that the candidate now fully understands the end goal and company vision.

At this point, the candidate will then transition onto Stage 2 to receive full benefits and responsibilities of this role.

To apply for this role, please see below the following instructions:

1. Apply through Vietnamworks

2. Fill out and complete our Q&A form through this link:

3. Our team will call you for a quick phone chat during office hours

4. If you’re selected, we will send you an email to arrange a group interview at our office in District 2, Ho Chi Minh


Summary of Key Responsibilities (divided into the 2 stages):

Stage 1 responsibilities:

*Sales Growth - Lead generation / qualification through telesales and email communication

Estimated duration during stage one is 2 to 4 months.

- Prepare sales targets, set your own KPIs, organize, plan and follow your sales pipeline. Participate in sales meetings.

- Understand and effectively share company vision and pitch to potential leads for improved brand awareness and reputation

- Cold call prospective customers

- Understand customer requirements and determine if suitable for our business

- Email follow ups / communication with potential qualified leads

- Move leads through the sales pipeline/CRM until they become a “qualified” leads

- Develop and experiment with different cold calling techniques, lead generation scripts / tones

- Plan, organise, develop and report qualified lead generation progress

- Communicate with sales superiors to understand business objectives and implement when dealing with potential leads

- Organise and report qualified leads to pass detailed info onto sales superiors for conversion

- Research and identify new business opportunities - including new markets, growth areas, trends, customers, products and services - or new ways of reaching existing markets

Stage 2 responsibilities:

Position: Account Manager

*Stage 2 implies that the candidate will be able to generate and convert / manage customers independently

*The goal will be for the candidate to generate / convert and manage 15 customer accounts

*Customer Focus

- Build your own client pool & base through different sources (cold calls, email campaigns, networking)

- Build positive, long-term relationships with new and existing customer’s whole team

- Regular communication with customers through appropriate channels (email, WhatsApp, calls, etc)

- Meet existing and potential clients through exhibitions and customers’ business trips to VN

- Attend exhibitions locally and internationally, visit customers in their offices, stores

- Increase our company’s value to our customers by effectively solving their problems and providing personalised customer service

- Understand the needs of our customers and be able to respond effectively with a plan of how to meet these needs

- Develop customized quotes and proposals for customers

- Compile most suitable proposals of our product lines to show customers

*Business Requirements

- Have a good understanding of the company’s products and services

- Develop a good understanding of B2B business ethics and procedures

- Seek ways of improving the way the business operates

- Keep abreast of trends and changes in the business world

- Continually learn best practices in sales, negotiation, and cold approaches.

*Role Ownership

- Take ownership of the work results + progress by keeping track through reporting + planning methods

- Be responsible for tracking your clients through the CRM system and other available files

- Make your plans for yourself to follow & work towards to achieve the desired results

- Have a clear understanding on achievable results or progress milestones


Summary of KPI’s:

KPI’s go in parallel with the 2 stages within this role and will be finalised once the candidate settles in for more than a week in the role.

KPI’s can and may be modified upon trial and error and will be discussed internally with superiors.

Brief possible KPI’s within the 2 different stages may be:

Stage 1 KPI possibilities:

- Number of qualified leads generated daily / weekly / monthly

- Leads contacted daily / weekly / monthly

- Leads dropped

- Calls / conversion rates

- First email sent

- Total leads generated

Stage 2 KPI possibilities:

- Revenue in

- Orders closed

- Tickets generated (tickets of interest)

- New projects closed (with current customers)

- Repeat orders placed

- Containers sold

Yêu cầu công việc

Summary of Experience

- Customer service/sales experience: 1-2 year

- CRM or other project management softwares: 1-2 year

Required Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

- Age 23-40 years old

- Native English Speaker

- Drive to learn latest best practices in sales, negotiation

- Ability to communicate clearly and concisely with customers of all backgrounds and educational levels, both orally and in writing

- Interpersonal skills for building and developing relationships with customers

- Ability to manage sales department operations independently

- Organizational and planning skills

- Strong problem-solving and decision-making skills

- Negotiation skills

- Ability to plan and prioritize workload

- Ability to handle confidential and sensitive information

- A drive to seek new business

- Team working skills and a collaborative approach to work

- A flexible approach to work with the ability to adapt to a fast-paced, ever-changing environment

- Initiative and the confidence to start things from scratch


- Flexible working hours

- KPI bonuses

- Sales commissions

- International environment


*Stage 1 (Duration = first 2 to 4 months):

- Base Salary = $1,000 to $1,500 USD (depending on skillset and experience)

- KPI Bonuses = $400 to $800 USD per month (depending on KPI’s achieved)

- Total possible min / max. Wages = $1,400 up to 2,300 USD

*Stage 2 (upon completion of Stage 1 responsibilities):

- Base Salary = stays as per stage 1 or to be reviewed & increased depending on performance

- KPI Bonuses = $400 per month

- Commission per orders closed = Avg. yearly commission = $15,000 - 20,000 USD)

- Total possible min / max. Wages = $2,000 up to $4,000 USD

Các phúc lợi dành cho bạn


Sales commissions + KPI bonuses

Chăm sóc sức khoẻ

Friendly working environment

Hoạt động nhóm

Vacation: 1-2 times a year, 20 calendar days including national holidays
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