Sales Executive (Japanese Speaking)

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▪As “General” - Set your KPI & Action Plan following the company's general sales strategy and tactics - Rethink plans and conduct internal reviews & agreements (as needed) - Reporting your activities to the supervisor and team manager - Do the sales action for new or existing clients ▪As “Sales Admin” - Keep track of the project status in charge of. - Clarify the project’s requirements with understanding the client's business plan and background. - Decide whether to proceed with the inquiry from the client. - Coordinate the resources needed for the project. - Make an estimation and a profit/loss simulation with gathering any cost information. - Visualize profit/loss of projects including free assign and other support members. - Proceed with an agreement for the main contract and NDA with the client. - Issue an invoice to the client and confirm the payments. - Support to the Account Manager to proceed the project smoothly. ▪As “Account Manager” - Have responsibility for the sales number, terms and conditions, and profit/loss of the project. - Manage monthly sales numbers for the assigned project. - Analyze profit/loss of the project, and have an action plan to keep, and improve the project. - Take the initiative in making a proposal document according to the proposal level with members of the development department. - Propose to the client and negotiate about the project’s conditions. - Have responsibility for sales communication to make a good relationship with the client. - Coordinate changes to the contract conditions with the client. - Always have an action plan for the project in charge of.

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SKILL & EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS: ▪More than 1 year experience in B2B Sales (Includes Internship) ▪Strong responsibility as achieve the goal that you set for yourself ▪Logical thinking, Explanation skill (Fact and Number basis) ▪Foreign Language: - Japanese: JLPT N1~2 Level - English: TOEIC 600~ *Language Certification doesn’t matter, Importance real communication skill REPORT TO: Sales Manager (Japanese or Vietnamese) WORK WITH: Sales Group Members (2 Vietnamese, 3 Japanese), Dev Group Managers, PM/PMO, BPM, CoE, and Clients **WORKING ENVIRONMENT ▪PC: Macbook Pro / Air for all employees ▪Process: Agile / Waterfall / Hybrid ▪Method: DevOps ▪Group Ware (Email/Storage/Docs): Google Workspace ▪Communication Tools: Chatwork / Slack / Etc.. ▪Online MTG Tools: Zoom / Google Meet / Etc.. ▪PJ Task Management: Redmine / Jira / Backlog / Etc.. ▪Employee Evaluation Policy: We evaluate your growth, & We will adjust your salary to market value or more ▪Testing Device (Smart Phone): A lot of the latest ​​▪Checkin/out Time Management: Own System (Apps) ▪Certification Allowance: Many kinds, salary base up ▪Salary Review: Every 6 months ▪13th Salary: Yes! ▪Party & Event: A lot ▪Company Trip: Yeah! ▪Career path: We define two main paths. Organizational management or expert(Specific Tech, PJ Management, UX design, Sales, Marketing, etc.). Even becoming Director, CTO, and also CEO of us is possible. **OFFICE ENVIRONMENT ▪Office Type: Individual French Villa with Garden ▪Commute Type: Office & Remote (Hybrid) ▪Desk: Free desk or fixed desk, with a lot of free space ▪Parking: Ready & Free at office garden area ▪Office Wifi: Very fast! (Individual Line) ▪Crowded Elevator: Never happen! ▪Refrigerator: x4 ▪Water Server: x5 Drink water forever! ▪Personal Locker: One per person ▪MTG Room & Space: 9 rooms & a lot of free space ▪Co-worker: Nice! ▪Rooftop Cafe Area: Have a break! ▪Dresscode: None ▪Office Gym & Zen space: Yes! let's work out! ▪Chill Spot: Many! ▪Sound System: Yes! Let's Play M.U.S.I.C ▪Music Instrument: Guitar x3 , Cajon x1 ▪Restroom: x4 rooms for men & x5 rooms for women ▪Company housing & Branch Office: Preparing **RECRUITMENT POLICY ▪Commitment to equal opportunities and personal growth - We welcome applicants of any nationality/ethnicity, regardless of age, gender, religion, background, or disability. - We strive to put employees in the best position for their abilities and growth, and offer a salary that is competitive and appealing. **MESSAGE TO CANDIDATES Vietnam is in a period of significant growth, and our company continues to develop and grow accordingly. Why not join the team and grow with us? If you sympathize with our VISION and do your best here, we promise that your market value in the IT field will improve dramatically.

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Social Insurance, yearly health checking & good annual holidays.
MacBook Air or Pro for all members

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Kinh Doanh > Bán Hàng/Phát Triển Kinh Doanh

Phần Mềm CNTT/Dịch vụ Phần mềm

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Business Development, B2B Sales, Kinh Doanh, Sales Planning, Japanese N2

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224A -224B Dien Bien Phu Street, Vo Thi Sau Ward , District 3, Ho Chi Minh City

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224A-224B Điện Biên Phủ, Phường Võ Thị Sáu, Quận 3, Tp. HCM

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