Senior Expert, Customer Value Management and Loyalty


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Ha Noi

Job description

Job Purpose Responsible for providing knowledge, high expertise in building and managing the performance indicators of theCustomer Segment in accordance with strategic goals; Direct leadership support in coordinating planningactivities và selecting priority key actions in each period in order to achieve revenue, maximize costs andthereby achieve profit goals for the Customer portfolio in accordance with the bank's strategy. Key Accountabilities 1.1 Customer Value Management (CVM) - Managing PnL of customer segments in line with strategic goals; coordinate activities to develop businessplans and select priority actions for each period in order to generate revenue and optimize costs, achieve targetprofits in line with the bank's strategy, and manage Manage key drivers for each segment to optimize customerlifetime value (CLV). - Identify opportunities and gaps (GAP) of different categories to provide success metrics; Plan and defineactions to be taken by working closely with Business Analytics (BF - Finance) and DnA - Coordinate with DnA in setting up Next Best Offer (NBO) model and ensure timely deployment; Right channelof interaction for each target customer segment. - Manage target indexes/customer identification models for segments and sub-segments through makingrequirements for DnA block to implement. - Work closely with the BF unit to develop a reporting system for effective customer management, campaignmanagement, customer lifecycle value management based on customer relationships.. 1.2 Loyalty management - Design and build a customer retention management framework and coordinate with solution units or relatedunits to build customer retention programs and campaigns for each segment based on CVP to optimizecustomer lifetime value - Develop key metrics to manage customer engagement (NPS, engagement metrics, etc.) - Drive customer loyalty (Loyalty) and customer retention (Engagement) through managing engagement metricsand managing the implementation of a portfolio of actions to improve - Lead customer retention initiatives in division. 2. Comply with regulations and develop relationships internally and within the system: - Coordinate with internal departments to complete assigned work - Strictly comply with the Bank's Labor Regulations. - Perform work in accordance with policies, regulations, processes, internal guidelines... and commitment toservice quality (SLAs). - Training, guiding and mentoring senior specialists/experts in the group to perform the above tasks andprofessional skills related to the functions and tasks of the department. 3. Other tasks as required/directed by the direct director.

Job requirements

Success Profile - Qualification and Experiences - Have a university degree or MBA in Economics; Bank; Customer segmentation or related fields. - 12 years of experience in customer portfolio management, customer relationship management in the financial/banking industry or similar organizations. - Having in-depth professional experience in data analysis, building management reporting systems to track performance indicators related to customers. - Have knowledge of reading, understanding and analyzing reports on market research, understanding market competitors.. - Understanding of technology platform, system and making some requirements for data analysis team. - Experienced in designing a customer retention management framework, building customer retention programsand campaigns for each segment based on CVP to optimize customer lifetime value - Experience in project or E2E design according to customer journey. - Experience and understanding of change management - English: According to the regulations of the bank from time to time

What We Can Offer


13th month salary + performance bonus


Participate in advanced training courses of Techcombank


Receive comprehensive care with Aon Care Health Insurance
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Competitive rate

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Competitive rate

VietnamWorks calculates your competitive rate based on your application information and compares it with other candidates for this job after you apply.

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Experienced (non-manager)

Banking & Financial Services > Accounts & Relationship Management

Customer Value Proposition, Customer Relation, Customer Loyalty Management, Banking, Market Research



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Số 6 Quang Trung, Hoàn Kiếm, HN

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