Senior HR Associate

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Job Description

>> Headcount: 1-2 person(s)

Job description:

+ Learning & development (L&D) for main business units (40%)
+ Research and develop a competency framework for each position of the main business units based on their job description ;
+ Coordinate with the company management to devise a learning and development (L&D) program for employees in main business units based on their career path and develop a detailed year-round training schedule for relevant departments;
+ Cooperate with department leaders to build up a training timeline and content and supporting materials to standardize the L&D process and knowledge;
+ Support departments leaders on understanding training content and technique as well as support them to deliver training through “train the trainers” programs;
+ Evaluate training outcome through quality survey and continuously improve training content as well as delivery method;
+ Under the guidance of management, plan and carry out other L&D initiatives such as mentoring, coaching, etc.

***Recruitment (20%) :

+ Work closely with the company and department leaders to understand recruitment need;
+ Lead and advise HR associate(s) on the recruitment implementation and tracking
+ Source prospective candidates for high-level positions through such channels, as job posting platforms, referral/warm contact, industry groups or events, etc.

***Employee engagement (20%) :

+ Support the company management on the development of employee experience journey and initiatives to drive engagement during each phase;
+ Proactively coordinate with related departments/teams to ensure the Onboarding framework is meaningful, timely implemented, including the Onboarding facilitation activities handled by HR team;
+ Under guidance of the company management, brainstorm initiatives and coordinate with relevant departments to plan and implement engagement activities, including but not limited to: team building, + cross-department collaboration and bonding, etc.

***Employer branding (20%) :
+ Maintain good relationships with key external stakeholders in HR area including: Universities, Clubs, Content creators and creative community
+ Continuously deliver messages about the corporate culture and employer branding through activities in cooperation with the key external stakeholders.
+ Support design employer branding activities and advise, manage HR associate and cooperate with other departments to implement activities.

>> Other tasks assigned by the Company Management
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Job Requirements

***Qualifications :

+ Bachelor’s degree;
+ 2 years of experience in HR area with exposure to L&D and employee engagement preferred;
+ Proficient in Excel, Google Drive, Power point usage;
+ Effective verbal and written communication skills in English and Vietnamese; particularly communication ability with multi-background stakeholders and presentation skills;
+ Ability to design and implement effective materials and document;
+ Strong passion in developing people and high intention in supporting others;
+ High learning agility and flexibility to adapt with rapid changes from business;
+ Witty yet serious and professional in work, resilient through challenges.


+ Competitive remuneration package commensurate to candidate experience and potentials including salary and bonuses;
+ 13th month bonus and holiday bonus(es) under the company’s policy;
+ Being a part of a dynamic and young working environment with open-minded and trendy colleagues;
+ Insurance policies in accordance with the Labor Code;
+ Familiar-but-not-old internal activities like team-building, birthday and bachelor parties, Marvelous Thursday or similar initiatives, year-end parties, etc.

Job Locations

87 Hàm Nghi, phường Nguyễn Thái Bình, Quận 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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