Senior IT Security Specialist (Appsec-Infrasec-Systemsec)

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Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing program and responsible for the design and performance of application security robustness tests :

- Operate a hands-on role involving penetration testing and vulnerability assessment activities of complex applications, operating systems, wired and wireless networks, and mobile applications/devices

- Develop and maintain security testing plans

- Automate penetration and other security testing on networks, systems and applications

- Develop meaningful metrics to reflect the true posture of the environment allowing the organization to make educated decisions based on risk

- Produce actionable, threat-based, reports on security testing results

- Act as a source of direction, training, and guidance for less experienced staff

- Mentor and coach other IT security staff to provide guidance and expertise in their growth

- Consult with application developers, systems administrators, and management to demonstrate security testing results, explain the threat presented by the results, and consult on remediation

- Communicate security issues to a wide variety of internal and external “customers” to include technical teams, executives, risk groups, vendors and regulators

- Deliver the annual penetration testing schedule and conducting awareness campaigns to ensure proper budgeting by business lines for annual tests

- Foster and maintain relationships with key stakeholders and business partners

InfraSecEngineering/ SystemSecEngineering:

Cybersecurity risk and compliance framework and management:

- Identify, highlight and remediate information security risk in the Bank

Policy, Standards and Processes:

- Comply with the Bank’s Information Security Policy, Regulations, Standards, and Process

- Provide feedback to enhance the current policies, regulations, standards and processes where necessary

- Communicate and ensure all staff understands and comply with the Information Security Policy, Regulations, Standards and Processses

Operations, Reporting and Administration

- Ensure that the Information Security Strategy and Plans are implemented as planned.

- Ensure that Information Security process are followed diligently. This may include Risks Management, Operating Security Services/Tools to support the Information Security Program of the Bank.

- Control approve the request/changes related to security, control activities of IT security: implementing, operating, vulnerabilities management

- Contribute to the IT Security Dash Board for Management

- Work with both internal/external audit during audit programs

- Training IT security awareness

- Collect, analyze and produce report for IT Security every month

Yêu cầu công việc


- Bachelor's or Technical Degree Required (IT, Cryptography, computer science, information systems, business administration or other industry-related curriculum)


- 3+ years or more of working experience in IT security banking, good knowledge international IT security standards (ISO 270001, PCI-DSS,…), ITIL

- Have good knowledge about: network security, system security, application security and virus/malwares, secure coding

- Expert with architect, security technology, integration

- Have good knowledge with pen test with OWSAP Standard and ability discovery & exploit vulnerabilities, cyber attack

- Good using some tools for hacking: VA, APPScan, Metaexploit, kalilinux

- Experienced in implementing ISO27000/PCI-DSS is preferred

Have good knowledge with secure coding with some languages: Python, Shell, PHP and have good knowledge with encryption, cryptography techniques

- Stakeholder expectation management

- People Management

- Risk Management

- Budget Management


- Have ability to read and understand the professional documents in English.

- Strong interpersonal and communication skill

- Be able to catch up and manage works quickly and effectively

- Be able to work independently with high pressure, good in teamwork

- Careful, responsible, and secure in protecting information/data belong to Bank

- Good knowledge of risk management principles, methodology and practice

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2-4 months salary bonus

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Premium Healthcare Insurance
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Công Nghệ Thông Tin/Viễn Thông > Phần Mềm Máy Tính

Application Development, Security Operations, Systems Development, Network

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9 Đoàn Văn Bơ, phường 12, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Từ khoá:
Trang chủViệc làmTài ChínhFE CREDITSenior IT Security Specialist (Appsec-Infrasec-Systemsec)

3B Floor, REE TOWER, 09 Doan Van Bo Street, Ward 13, Dist 4, HCMC

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Trang chủViệc làmTài ChínhFE CREDITSenior IT Security Specialist (Appsec-Infrasec-Systemsec)