Short-Term Disability Inclusion Audit Urgent job

Short-Term Disability Inclusion AuditUrgent job

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I/ Scope of work:

This Scope of Work (SOW) outlines roles and responsibilities for a short-term contract for an organization to conduct a disability inclusion audit with a partner organization funded under the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Australian NGO Cooperation Program(ANCP).


1/ About Action on Poverty (AOP)
AOP is a not-for-profit, fully accredited, secular organisation, which was established in Australia in 1968 and incorporated in the state of New South Wales in 1983. AOP geared at making positive changes to the lives of people throughout Africa, Asia, and the Pacific. In most cases AOP works directly with local partners, who are independent agencies employing local professionals with cultural understanding and proven experience. AOP believes that community-led development, and strengthening local civil society organisations and community groups, is the most effective and sustainable way for people to meet their own development aspirations. AOP currently supports development work in East and Southern Africa, South and Southeast Asia and the Pacific.

In addition to program support through sub-grants, AOP provides capacity building support to partner organizations for improvement of its organizational operational policies, procedures and human resource skills development through trainings, proposal development and implementation of programs with improved accountability and internal controls.

Inclusion of people with disability is a critical cross cutting issue for development. AOP’s work is guided by Australian Department of Foreign Affairs’ Development for All Development for All 2015 to 2020:
Strategy for strengthening disability-inclusive development in Australia's aid program, which sets out priorities as:
• enhancing participation and empowerment of people with disabilities, as contributors, leaders
and decision makers in community, government and the private sector
• reducing poverty among people with disabilities
• improving equality for people with disabilities in all areas of public life, including service provision, education and employment.

2/About Partner Organization:

Consulting Institute for Socio-Economic Development of Rural and Mountainous Areas (CISDOMA)
The Consulting Institute for Socio-Economic Development of Rural and Mountainous Areas (CISDOMA) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) established under Decision No. 25/QD-TW dated May 22, 2000, by the President of the Southeast Asian Research Association of Vietnam (SEARAV). CISDOMA has conducted extensive research and undertaken numerous grassroots intervention projects related to sustainable agriculture, climate change adaptation, adaptive livelihoods, gender equality and capacity building for ethnic minority
communities, women and girls in rural and mountainous areas, Nghe An and Lai Chau for example. CISDOMA focuses on raising awareness on gender equality and increasing income by having alternative livelihoods through multiple ways such as tourism and sustainable agriculture. The organization's multifaceted approach underscores its commitment to fostering positive change in rural and mountainous areas.

Fund for Community Development in Dien Bien (FCD)
The Community Development Fund (FCD), formerly known as Community Development Center in Dien Bien was established in 2006 under Decision No. 308/QD-UBND and modified by Decision No.1040/QD-UBND in 2016. FCD focuses on mission to eliminate poverty and achieve a life of equality, justice and happiness for vulnerable groups in Dien Bien province such as poor people, ethic minority groups. The organisation operates with a rights-based approach, addressing the widening rich-poor gap, particularly in remote areas by promoting community-based tourism and financial inclusion strategy. The organization collaborates with local actors, building alliances for common programs, and
emphasises capacity building for people doing tourism and raise financial knowledge and accessibility to help the poor sustainably escape poverty. FCD also focuses on education to unlock community potential, promoting creative thinking and skills for children. Tan Son Project Management Unit (Tan Son PMU)
The Tan Son Project Management Unit operates in the mountainous Tan Son district, home to a substantial population of ethnic minorities, including Muong, Dao, Mong, and Tay. For many years, Tan Son was the poorest district in Phu Tho province, and among the poorest in the country. The PMU is dedicated to fostering community development, alleviating poverty, and creating alternative livelihoods to improve the residents' quality of life. By promoting community-based tourism, Tan Son PMU empowers local households with capacity training in hospitality skills. This community-based tourism initiative also focuses on cultural tourism featuring the Muong and Dao ethnic groups in Xuan Son National Park, contributes to economic upliftment, sustainable forest protection, and harnessing the region's unique potential and strengths.

Da Bac Project Management Unit (Da Bac PMU)
Da Bac district in Hoa Binh province is well known for its picturesque landscapes and diverse ethnic communities. Situated in the area, Da Bac Project management unit is committed to contributing to sustainable development and enhancing the quality of life for the local community. With a focus on promoting community-based tourism, PMU develops projects that generate income and provide skills training for the local community. Da Bac PMU works closely with the Dao and Muong communities, as well as other ethnic groups in the region. By collaborating with these diverse communities, they aim to create tourism initiatives that showcase the rich cultural heritage, benefit the local residents and
emphasize environmental protection. Through inclusive projects, PMU aspires to build bridges between different ethnic groups, fostering understanding and appreciation among both locals and visitors.

III/ Purpose:
The purpose of hiring the services of an organization of persons with disabilities (OPD) is to conduct a disability inclusion audit for AOP’s partner organization. Outcomes of the audit will ensure at minimum that the initiative/program does no harm and does not reinforce inequalities and barriers to inclusion and that program designs and implementation promote inclusion of people with disability.
Scope of Work The contracted organization is required to undertake an analysis of an AOP partner organization in the country to examine how the partner incorporates measures to understand the barriers to inclusion as well as how they promote disability inclusive practices throughout their programs. Specific activities in the disability inclusion audit will include:
§ Undertaking an analysis which includes consultation with people with disability and contextual analysis of the barriers to social inclusion and participation in relation to their project.
§ Undertaking a desk review of the partner’s policy and procedures to understand its approach to promoting disability inclusive practice, the degree to which its policy is being implemented and the ongoing quality of its policy and practices. For partners who have conducted a selfassessment previously, review recommendations and progress.
§ Reviewing partner’s monitoring and evaluation practices to understand what systems they have and make recommendations, if applicable, to record progress in promoting the inclusion of people with disability.
§ Supporting the partner organization to conduct a disability self-assessment (DSA) in order to identify gaps across the program and organization as a whole, priority areas of focus and to develop an action plan with strategies and timeframes to achieve results. The self-assessment will entail a review of the governance, understanding of disability among staff, human recourses and project implementation and performance. A DSA tool can be of the contracted
organization, or AOP can recommend a tool.


§ Draft a report based on the review of policies, procedures, practice and DSA with an action plan;
§ Conduct a training in disability inclusion mainstreaming for staff of the partner organization in the country and provide training materials;
§ Provide support and coaching to partners to develop disability-inclusive practice and plans, processes and procedures. Document the support provided.
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V/Selection Criteria:

• Registered organization of persons with disabilities (OPD)1 led by people with disabilities in the
country (as defined as a representative organization or group of persons with disabilities, where
persons with disabilities constitute a majority of the overall staff, board, and volunteers in all
levels of the organization);
• Sound understanding of the context of people with disability in the country
• Knowledge of tools and good practices of disability inclusion;
• Experience in conducting disability analysis or organization inclusion audit;
• Experience in delivering disability inclusion trainings;
• Excellent analytical and reporting writing and presentation skills;

VI/ Management and Reporting Arrangements:

The contracted organization will report to the executive director of the partner organization in the country. AOP will also provide support in quality assurance of the process.
The deliverables of this contract must:
• Be written in English.
• Be provided in an electronic format (Microsoft Word; Times New Roman 12).
The Partner organization will arrange logistics and a venue for the disability inclusion training.

VII/ Duration of Assignment:

The assignment duration is not pre-determined, but it should be conducted in February and March 2024. The exact number of days can be proposed by a contracted organization in the expression of interest and decided in consultation with AOP’s partner organization and AOP.

VIII/Submission of Offers:

Please note that AOP and its partner organization are child-safe organizations. The staff of the contracted organization involved in this contract must sign on and adhere to AOP’s Safeguarding Code of Conduct as well as read and acknowledge AOP’s Child Protection and Prevention of Sexual Exploitation, Abuse, and Harassment policies. AOP asks that a Working With Children Check (for Australian citizens and residents) or a Police Check is provided if possible, and relevant reference checks will be undertaken.
Interested organizations are invited to submit an expression of interest, addressing the selection criteria and proposed costs. Please submit your expression of interest by 30th January 2024.
Please limit the Expression of interest to a maximum of three (3) pages. A preferred tool for disability self-assessment can be attached, but this is not a requirement.

Địa Điểm Làm Việc

Hà Nội, Việt Nam

Action on Poverty (AOP), previously known as the Australian Foundation for the Peoples of Asia and the Pacific (AFAP), is an independent, secular, fully-accredited Australian non-profit organisation. AOP empowers local changemakers to break the cycle of entrenched poverty in some of the poorest communities in Africa, Asia and the Pacific. From teaching an Ethiopian family to grow their own food to sending Cambodian girls to school, we target communities with their own vision for change, and help them make the largest impact possible.

We have worked in Vietnam since 1989 and proudly registered as the first Australian NGO in the country in 1996. Our programs focus on health improvement, income generation, good governance, social monitoring, food security and climate resilience enhancement. By partnering with a broad range of stakeholders, including governmental authorities, CSOs and local communities, AOP has supported thousands of vulnerable and disadvantaged people living across 20 provinces in Vietnam.

AOP in Vietnam is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on grounds of ethnic origin, race, religious beliefs, age, disability, gender or sexual orientation. All employees, volunteers and interns are required to comply with AOP Policies.

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