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Job Description

Division Purpose
• The Transformation Office is responsible for execution of the bank’s transformation vision, strategy and roadmap of deliverables with a focus on digitalization of customer journeys.
• The Transformation Office executes a portfolio of initiatives pre-dominantly through Agile Development (with some foundational initiatives aligned to the Waterfall project management methodology).
• The Transformation Office houses expertise to support the execution of a portfolio of initiatives related to market segmentation, customer journeys, technology, data, risk management, change management, digital partnerships and capability development, a project management office amongst others.
• The Transformation Office tracks and measures the progress of execution using modern portfolio management techniques (such as OKRs and TTIs) to ensure value is created for customers and the Bank.

Tribe Purpose
• The Technology Tribe will support the business by building solutions required to deliver on the bank's digital strategy.
• The Technology Tribe will advise and design solutions based on requirements from and feasibilities of other tribes, develop solutions based on the architecture blueprint while ensuring quality assurance throughout the development and execution of solutions.
• The Technology Tribe will be equipped with forefront programming skills and knowledge of digital technologies so as to be able to provide innovative design solutions and advice on improvements needed to meet business needs.

Job Purpose
• The job holder will work with other tribes to design and develop technical solutions for business through studying, analyzing and advising business on feasibility.
• The job holder will apply methodologies, tools and practices to create a technical solution that best addresses current and future architectural design needs.

Key Relationships
• Reports to Senior Solution Architect
• Direct reports are none
• Internal stakeholders include teams within the Transformation Office and relevant departments in the Bank
• External stakeholders include partners providing professional services

A. Solution Architecture
• Direct the tribe to gather requirements and functions specifications from current users to identify areas for improvements and/or integration for current systems.
• Review and improve proposals for solutions that is modular and scalable that will help address both current architectural constraints and future architecture improvements.
• Drive best in-class engineering practices (e.g. test-driven development, continuous integration, and automated deployment).
• Lead in improving existing and creating new applications, and ensure application software is effectively and efficiently designed, produced, tested and meets business requirements.
• Ensure solutions are designed in alignment with Technology Tribe’s strategic direction and roadmap.
• Mentor and coach other members to fully perform in their role.

B. Managing Projects
• Manage project conflicts, challenges and dynamic business requirements to keep operations running at high performance.
• Work with team leads to resolve people problems and project roadblocks, conduct post mortem and root cause analysis to help squads continuously improve their practices to ensure maximum productivity.
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Job Requirements

Domain Expertise
• 6 to 7 years of relevant experience working in software development projects with prior experience in leading technical solutioning activities
• Experience with and has deep insights into newest technology trends (e.g. AI/ML, IoT, RPA, Edge Computing, Blockchain, AR/VR, etc.)
• Significant experience of infrastructure, environments and deployment strategies / technologies to drive efficient working practices and DevOps
• Experience making architecture decisions at a team and product level
• Experience working on projects that span multiple Journeys and squads

Agile / Digital Experience
• Experience in Agile Software Development with a strong understanding of Agile principles, practices and Scrum methodologies
• Experience working in Agile teams to support digital transformation projects

• Bachelor's degree in computer science, software engineering or information technology

Personal Attributes
• A T-shaped expert with the depth and breadth of skills in technology and business
• Able to navigate complex project environments with competing stakeholder expectations
• Have an uncanny ability to know what to do in any situation adding value to a myriad of business projects
• A strong advocate for risk management and supports with performance and security testing
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Job Locations

Head Office,14th Floor, Techcombank Tower, 191 Ba Trieu Street, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi
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Được thành lập từ năm 1993, Techcombank là một trong những ngân hàng TMCP lớn nhất Việt Nam và một trong những ngân hàng hàng đầu ở Châu Á. Techcombank cung cấp các sản phẩm và dịch vụ tài chính đa dạng cho hơn 5.4 triệu khách hàng ở Việt Nam với mạng lưới 315 chi nhánh trên toàn quốc.

Tính đến thời điểm hiện tại, Techcombank đang có hơn 10.000 Cán bộ nhân viên và là một trong những ngân hàng dẫn đầu về hiệu quả, có giá trị vốn hóa đứng thứ ba trên thị trường và được những tổ chức xếp hạng uy tín hàng đầu thế giới vinh danh với hàng loạt giải thưởng và xếp hạng tín nhiệm cao.

Với định vị thương hiệu "Vượt trội hơn mỗi ngày" (BE GREATER), Techcombank cam kết tạo điều kiện để khách hàng, đối tác và chính thành viên của mình có thể hiện thực hóa ước mơ theo cách của riêng mình

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