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Mô Tả Công Việc

We are looking for a proactive Store Supervisor to join our team, a candidate who can use his or her management and customer service skills to provide an excellent in-store experience and smooth store operation.

• Improve efficiency or store operation and execution.
• Understand and able to report sales or other issues on each floor and staff.
• Allocate staff and shift control based on Store Staff's working schedule and manage Store Staff attendance.
• Prepare a training plan and train new members.
• Manage Store's Safety and Security, Risk Matter report system in case of accidents, incidents and disaster.
• Crisis management
• Analyze data and set a planning strategy for the store.
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Yêu Cầu Công Việc

• At least 2-year experience working as a Store Supervisor in retail store.
• Well-understand in MUJI philosophy and passionate in incorporating it into everyday work.
• Individual who enjoys teamwork, eager to improve and feel rewarded by making other people happy.
• Have leadership skills, be a good listener with smooth communication to cooperate between departments and train new staff, as well as sharing knowledge.
• Have practical and logical thinking with data/numerical values as a base.
• Having VMD (Visual Merchandiser) Skill is preferable
• Business level English (TOIEC 700 or equivalent).
• PC skills

Địa Điểm Làm Việc

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A Japanese retail company which sells a wide variety of household and consumer goods, Muji is distinguished by its design minimalism, emphasis on recycling, avoidance of waste in production and packaging, and no-logo or "no-brand" policy.
The name Muji is derived from the first part of Mujirushi Ryōhin, translated as No Brand Quality Goods on Muji's European website.

Muji started with 40 products during the 1980s. Some of their products include pens, pencils, notebooks, storage units, apparel, kitchen appliances, food items, and household care products. Muji has also created an automobile. Stores such as Muji's shop in New York are large with nearly every single product within them. Shoppers can go in and purchase anything they might need for the home at such a location. The primary business includes Café Muji, Meal Muji, Muji Campsite, florist and home furnishing; the company has also engaged in architectural projects such as the Muji houses.
By the end of the 2000s, Muji was selling more than 7,000 products. It is positioned as a "reasonably priced" brand, keeping the retail prices of products "lower than usual" by the materials it selects, streamlining its manufacturing processes, and minimising packaging.
Muji has opened hotels in Shenzhen and Beijing, and will open a third hotel in Ginza in Tokyo in spring of 2019.

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