Substation Operator (Nhân Viên Vận Hành Trạm Biến Áp)

Substation Operator (Nhân Viên Vận Hành Trạm Biến Áp)

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What We Can Offer

Opportunities to work and learn from Specialists, Expats in Railways industry
Professional, dynamic and friendly working environment
Good opportunities in Technical/Management career paths in Railways industry in Vietnam and oversea

Job Description

1. Project;
Design & Construction Project for all E&M System (Rolling Stock, Signaling, Telecommunication, Power Supply, OCS, Track work, PSD, AFC, Depot & Workshop Equipment, F-SCADA, Signage & Graphics) for New MRT Line-1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

2. Job Description;
2.1. Job Title & Role; Substation Operator (Nhân viên vận hành trạm biến áp)
2.2. Responsible & Job Details;
(i) Preparation and submission of any document in English and Vietnamese related to management and operation of power supply system for this project.
(ii) Operate all Electrical devices (Open/Close/Lock-Out/Tag-Out –Switching schedule) of the project on demand of T&C Manager.
(iii) Liaise with A2/EVN for any planned/unplanned switching schedule.
(iv) Ensure monitoring and follow up of all electrical apparatus on a daily basis (L-SCADA, P-SCADA, etc)
(v) Interface with contractors on Permit to Work delivery to secure activities in HV/MV/LV electrical environment.
(vi) Strictly apply the procedures related to the project (Safety related)
(vii) Review procedures in accordance with Power Supply design, standards, decrees, circulars implemented at project commencement date and report to Power Supply Manager.
(viii) Report all Electrical defects/ Power Supply configuration changes to Power Supply Manager and T&C Manager. Operating, monitoring with high responsibility, pre-trouble shooting, making the daily, monthly check sheet, report the abnormal condition of equipment to Power Supply Manager.
(ix) Provides written daily report based on the above items.
(x) Any works and documentation necessary for the execution of the Project, which is instructed by Power Supply Manager
(xi) Operate/ Switching the E&M equipment/device of the Project during T&C phase if required.
(xii) To be trained by HTC to operate the railway power system including 110kV, 22kV, OCS and DC systems.
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Job Requirements

3. Requirements:
i) Gender : Male/ Female
ii) Good English (both written and spoken) skills and communication skills
iii) Computer Skills: MS Office, AutoCAD …
iv) Experiences :
- Shift Works;
- Holder of a chief operator certificate (110kV operator certificate) issued by A0/ A1/ A2/ A3;
- Demonstrate at least 3 months experience as 110kV operator for Power grid, Substation, Power Plant;
- Provide certificate demonstrating at least 3 years’ experience in working for E&M contractors as Electrical Engineer for High/medium voltage;
- Demonstrate Similar Experience in Testing and Commissioning environment on power grid project;
- Have experience to make Switching Schedule, equipment operation procedure, interface operation procedure;
v) University Degree, Bachelor Degree, College Degree, major in Electrical Engineering (High/medium voltage.
vi) Good report and letter writing, communication and presentation skills.
vii) Hard working, a team player with good interpersonal skills and comfortable liaising with people across all levels.
viii) Ability to work independently and thrive in a dynamic environment.
ix) Motivated, resourceful, proactive and able to pay attention to details.

4. Employer; Hitachi, Ltd. Ho Chi Minh Project Office
5. Work Place; Hitachi, Ltd. Ho Chi Minh Project Office (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam), and Substations/ Stations/ Buildings of the Project in Ho Chi Minh City.
6. Mobilization Schedule; From Middle of March;
7. Working Time: Mon – Sat

Job Locations

District 9 - HCMC

Who We Are

* Hitachi Group

Founded over 100 years ago, Hitachi is a recognized global technology leader with over 335,000 employees working at more than 1,000 Hitachi Group Companies in 70 countries. Our employees have made Hitachi one of the most respected brands on the planet. Hitachi pioneers develop and build products in operational technology across Energy, Urban Development, Water/Resources, Finance/Public Sector, Healthcare, Logistics, Transportation, Manufacturing/Construction, software and systems in IT and have a global consulting organization. With the R&D expertise across these critical fields we are in a unique position to harness the depth of our own expertise across industries to drive innovation and accelerate digital transformation. Combining our products in information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) along with Lumada, our IoT core platform, we unite the physical and digital worlds and deliver innovative solutions for a smarter, safer and healthier future. Today, we’re focusing more than ever on Social Innovation projects that will improve the quality of life for everyone. From engineering new sustainability solutions that conserve water and energy, to creating the infrastructure for the smart cities of tomorrow—it’s all in a day’s work for Hitachi engineers.

Hitachi, Ltd., Ho Chi Minh City Urban Railway Line 1 Project office
Project office was established in 2013 to carry out the contract package number 3 of the 1st Metro Line 1 project in Ho Chi Minh City. This Package is Design & Construction for all E&M System (Rolling Stock, Signaling, Telecommunication, Power Supply, OCS, Track work, PSD, AFC, Depot & Workshop Equipment, F-SCADA, Signage & Graphics) for New Metro Line-1 (Ben Thanh - Suoi Tien), Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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Company Location

Quận 1, TP HCM

Company Size


Contact Person

MS Hằng; MS Khanh



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