Supply Chain Associate

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What We Can Offer

13th month salary benefit
Private health insurance
10 days of paid vacation per year

Job Description

This is a full-time entry-level supply chain (strategic sourcing, materials management, logistics) associate role to our supply chain advisory business. The working location for this job is in Tay Ho District, Hanoi. Provision for some remote work can be arranged per agreement with supervisor. As an entrylevel position, training will be provided to applicants in all areas of work. This role will analyze and solve
business problems in a wide variety of markets, so working flexibility is a key attribute for a successful applicant.

Job Function
Applicants can expect to work on the following:
• Strategic sourcing
• Materials management
• Logistics management
• Supplier relationship management
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Job Requirements

Applicants must have the following:
• University degree in economics, business, or related field
• 0-3 years of work experience
• Native Vietnamese language
• Proficient English language (spoken & written)

Preferred Attributes
Applicants with the following will be preferred:
• Has experience living abroad (working or studying)
• Speaks additional languages

Salary & Benefits
Applicants can expect the following benefits:
• Competitive salary (10M – 15M gross range, negotiable)
• 13th month salary benefit
• 10 days of paid vacation per year
• Private health insurance
• Training

Due to the government regulations for COVID-19, we will be flexible when interviewing and onboarding candidates. As necessary, interviews and on-boarding could be conducted remotely

Job Locations

Quảng An, Tây Hồ, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Who is Peregrine Management International?
Vision Statement
Together, we will build an international group of companies that grows and leverages a continuously improving international team characterized by our values and mission.
Mission Statement
To build an excellent international and multi-functional team capable of solving a wide variety of problems, and to leverage that team to achieve breakthrough results.
Values Statement
1. We are ethical. We believe in operating with integrity. We say what we mean and we do what we say. We operate with our vision always guiding our actions. We trust each other, and our candor helps us unlock our potential and that of our customers.

2. We are innovative. We always seek the best solution, even if it has not been tried before. We focus on observing things as they really are in order to recognize their full potential. We are a learning organization.

3. We are bold. We do not act out of fear of the unknown or uncertainty. We do the right things, even when those things are difficult or uncertain. We are always challenging the status quo and we do not sit still.

4. We are excellent. We strive at continuous self-improvement, as individuals and as an enterprise. We aim to be the best in our fields. We always aim for breakthrough results.

5. We are tenacious. We believe in our mission and in each other. We are committed to our values. We will do whatever it takes to deliver on our potential. We do not give up.

6. We move fast. We do not bury ourselves in bureaucracy or waste time in meetings. We commit to objectives and then we achieve them.

7. We are team players. We believe in each other. We create an environment where innovation and excellence can flourish.

8. We are global. We believe that people can have great potential regardless of their origins. We believe in a universe filled with opportunity. We are eager to explore that universe.

9. We have fun. We love our work and we enjoy our workplace and teammates. We are serious about results, but we never forget to enjoy ourselves.

10. We are visionary. We always look as far ahead as we can. We anticipate problems and opportunities. We never lose sight of our long-term goals for short-term benefits. We let our vision drive our innovation and teamwork.

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Quảng An - Tây Hồ- Hà Nội


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