Talent Acquisition Manager

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Job Description

The Talent Acquisition Manager is responsible for developing and implementing strategies in sourcing, selecting, hiring and on-boarding talent. The role also leads outreach efforts through associations, organizations, academic institutions and social media to promote employer brand name of “DVGH” (or specific Ops Co name) as well as oversees internship programs.

Talent Acquisition
- Develop talent acquisition strategies that continually feed the candidate pipeline
- Analyzing internal job profiles to understand talent portraits that fit with the uniqueness of our business and culture.
- Understanding about labor market availability (i.e. fresh under-graduate/graduate, majors, school rankings, experienced pool, head hunter service…)
- Based on above understanding, developing a sourcing approach toward target source of talents (on campus, job posts, job ads, employee referral, head-hunters, professional associations…)
- Building processes and procedures that deliver a high level of satisfaction from both candidates and internal customers.
- Identify long term and short term staffing needs and develop talent acquisition plan to deliver the needs
- Proactively search out leaders and/or HR business partners in Ops co and group to understand their unique short and long term strategic initiatives relating to talents acquisition (i.e. turnover, business expansion, redundancy)
- Assist executive leadership and/or HR management team with the development of an effective Succession Planning process.
- Identify long-term, short-term staffing needs with estimated vacancies by function, by business, by grade and with timelines
- Develop talent acquisition plan to deliver the staffing needs

Lead the implementation of the talent acquisition plan
- Deploy the plan to the acquisition team, assigning tasks, managing people’s workload and following up on work results.
- Provide training recommendations for hiring managers throughout the business to improve their interviewing skills and hiring decisions.
- Develop and manage effective quality service standards, procedures and tools to ensure the recruiting function is operating at the optimal efficiency.
- Ensure ROI (return-on-investment) on tactical recruitment activities (i.e. career fairs, advertising, agencies, etc.).
- Engage in day-to-day recruiting for senior level positions as needed.
- Develop and manage quality of on-boarding activities including but not limit to pre-employment administration arrangement, first-day-at-work on-boarding, probation-end performance evaluation
- Drive and translate metrics reporting to ensure quality and efficiency.
- Ensure compliance with applicable legal regulations, maintaining required documentation for audit purposes.
- Manage recruitment ad-hoc requests
- Ensure recruiting ad-hoc requests approved by right level of authority
- Proceed sourcing for candidate profiles (within current profile pool, or new profiles) or have it done by delegated team member
- Facilitate selection process and hiring decision or have it done by delegated team member
- Manage the offer making and on-boarding for selected candidates or have it done by delegated team member

Promote Employer Brand Name
- Lead and oversee campus recruitment strategy and activities
- Develop relationships with targeted universities and alumni in order to build campus recruitment teams within the business.
- Establish and maintain relationships with key contacts at targeted schools including; career offices, key faculty/deans, and student organizations.
- Manage, coordinate and participate in campus recruiting activities such as presentations, career fairs, office and campus interviews, receptions/dinners/events, etc.
- Manage and oversee the internship program across all functions and businesses. Activities include but are not limited to intern sourcing, interviewing, placement, on-boarding, development sessions, evaluation and social events.
- Manage social media program including websites, LinkedIn, Facebook and so on. Enhance the company’s online presence through the corporate web site and external job boards.
- Recommend and execute strategic social networking (with or without recruitment) including but not limited to:
identifying strategic events/organizations managing professional organization relationships
- Participating in internal and external events such as speaker panels, job fairs & event sponsorships.
- Facilitate employer ranking surveys such as “Vietnam Best Places To Work” by Anphabe

Managing Exit Procedure
- Conduct employee exit interviews, to gather insight on root causes of employee dissatisfaction.
- Suggest actions to retain employees if possible
- Record and report turnover data and causes
- Ensure exit procedure completed as per applicable labor regulations and company policies

People Management
- Delegate and monitor assigned tasks to team members
- Monthly meetings with team members
- Motivate and inspire the team to achieve company goals
- Monitor performance of team and address any issues
- Provide input to performance reviews for team
- Lead the recruitment of team members
- Develop team members
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Job Requirements

- At least 5 years’ experience in Recruitment in which at least 2 years in management position.
- Similar experience (preferred)
- Bachelor Degree majoring in Human Resource Management, Laws, Business Administration
- Certificates in related areas
- Knowledge about labor market of media, advertising & entertainment industry (preferred)
- Knowledge about applicable legal regulations about recruitment
- Managing Performance
- Results Oriented
- Pioneering
- Customer Focus
- Planning and Organizing
- Communication
- Problem Solving and Decision Making
- Teamwork

Job Locations

222 Pasteur, Ward 6, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Founded in 1994, DatVietVAC is Vietnam’s first privately-owned media and communications agency. Over time, the group has evolved from a media giant to the largest media, entertainment, and technology ecosystem in Vietnam, managing data and transmedia content across platforms able to reach 97 million Vietnamese.

DatVietVAC’s ecosystem includes 10 member companies:
- DatVietOOH
- TKL Programming
- Dong Tay Promotion
- M&T Pictures
- DatVietMedia
- Vie Channel (owner of Vie Channel - HTV2, Vie GIẢITRÍ, Vie DRAMAS)
- TKL Media
- Nomad Management Vietnam
- Dzones (owner of VieON)

We continues to make important investments in new businesses and industries, building a world-class digital culture economy for Vietnam, in two core pillars:

- Communication Services: Connecting brands to audiences through creative initiatives, brand architecture, strategic media planning, and buying; and ad tech for digital media targeting.
- Content Provision: Managing the largest independent content library; creating, acquiring and distributing international and Vietnamese content via multiple platforms; and managing the country’s largest portfolio of influencers, creators, KOLs and celebrities.
- Media Platform Ownership: Investing in, operating, and building communities through a network of TV channels, including an extensive network of out-of-home properties across Vietnam.

As Vietnam’s media consumption shifts from traditional to digital platforms, DatVietVAC continues to lead the way for viewers, providing premium, innovative entertainment formats. Through our OTT platform VieON, we continue to be the market leader in digital media and entertainment, merging a video social network, MPN, user-generated content initiatives and advanced data analytics in one network.

We continue to thrive and attract leading players in the region, both as investors, start-ups and business partners, writing the next chapter in the Vietnamese media landscape.

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222 Pasteur, Phường Võ Thị Sáu, Quận 3, Tp. HCM
500-999 staffs


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