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Social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance according to Labor Laws
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Mô Tả Công Việc

Job brief
We are looking for a Translator to interpret written and audio pieces from Vietnamese to English and vice versa, making sure to maintain their original meaning, format and tone. Our Translator will also be in charge for translation during internal meetings or external meetings with various stakeholders of the Project.
Translator responsibilities include reading and thoroughly understanding the context of given material, using specialized dictionaries and translation tools and proofreading finished pieces of work. To be successful in this role, you should have a keen eye for detail and be fluent in English and Vietnamese. Translator Experience in the Water and Environmental Industry or in the Electro Mechanical Industry will be a strong point.
Ultimately, you will provide ready-to-use translated content that meets our internal needs and improve the team communication and work efficiency

• Reads through or listens to material in one language, ascertains understanding of the meaning and context of that material, and converts it into a second language, making sure to preserve the original meaning
• Translates online, video, and television media by providing subtitles
• Consults with subject matter experts and other colleagues in order to understand specialised concepts and translate them appropriately
• Refers to online translation tools for additional assistance with translation
• Follows up with colleagues to ensure satisfaction and understanding
• Translates a variety of documents including literary, legal, research, technical, scientific, educational, and commercial materials
• Ensure translated content conveys original meaning and tone
• Cross-reference specialized dictionaries and translation tools to check quality of translation
• Proofread translated texts for grammar, spelling and punctuation accuracy
• Edit content with an eye toward maintaining its original format (e.g. font and structure)
• Knowledge of specific vocabulary used in the Water and Environmental industry. Alternatively, knowledge of specific vocabulary of Electro Mechanical Industry is acceptable
• Provide bilingual translation during Internal staff or management meeting
• Provide bilingual translation during external meeting with various stakeholders, such as Authorities, Suppliers, Contractors, etc..
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Yêu Cầu Công Việc

• Proven work experience as a Translator, Interpreter or similar role
• Fluency in Vietnamese and English, written and spoken.
• Excellent proofreading skills with the ability to identify grammar, spelling and punctuation errors
• Good knowledge of content editing tools
• Familiarity with translation software
• Time-management skills
• BSc in Translation, Interpreting or similar field
• Additional certification in Linguistics is a plus
• Previous experience in translation for the Water and Environmental Sector will be a strong advantage
• Accuracy in translation written and oral is of prime importance
• Ethical behaviour, discretion and strict respect of confidentiality are necessary qualities of the successful applicant
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