[Urgent] Marketing Team Leader, Định Hướng Project Manager (Shopify) - Upto $3000

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Marketing Team Leader with a Direction to Project Manager (Shopify) The BON Loyalty App (under Secomus Technology) is currently seeking a Marketing Team Leader with the potential to develop into a Project Manager within the next year. Job Responsibilities: - Manage the Marketing team (Planning, recruitment, team building, operations, improvements...) - Gather customer insights - Market research, competitor analysis - Measure, analyze, forecast data to support product development (with mentorship) - Work in an IT, e-commerce environment. - Exceptional thinkers or those with outstanding achievements but lacking Shopify app experience will be trained from scratch. - Future orientation towards becoming a Project Manager, managing all teams in the project: Marketing, Support, Dev, Test… (with mentorship). The project is currently experiencing good growth, ranking second in the Loyalty market on the Shopify app store, to be top 1 within the next 3 years. Detailed discussion during the interview process.

Yêu cầu công việc

Requirements: - From 25 to 29 years old - 1 year(s) or more experience in team management. - Key: Good English (7.0 IELTS or equivalent), able to communicate with US clients and partners via phone/online meetings. - Results-oriented mindset, candidates with experience in OKR environments are preferred. - Not mandatory but preferred candidates: + Experience working with US and UK market clients + Knowledge of UI/UX + Familiarity with web-based customer support applications (Zendesk, Crisp, Freshdesk...) + Managed marketing teams or software product management or managed a Shopify app or product. + MBA or team management courses. Benefits: Sponsored participation in Zumba classes with a 4-star coach. Sponsored participation in Gym/muscle training classes with a 4-star coach. Tea breaks every afternoon with the company. Participation in the company's learning program on e-commerce, UX/UI, customer care, growth mindset, etc. Learning and applying methods/tools for work such as Kanban, Scrum,… Yearly travel, regular outdoor activities, team building. Full insurance coverage Project progress bonuses, holiday bonuses, and other bonuses based on performance. Salary review every 6 months. Leave policies according to current regulations. Young, dynamic, comfortable, fast-developing work environment. Bonus based on project effectiveness for Team Leaders. Salary: Negotiable (Minimum: Better than your current salary, Maximum: No limit, depending on your capabilities. We value talent :)) To Apply: Due to various recruitment positions in different projects, to optimize the resume screening process, candidates please follow the instructions: Email subject: [BON] Apply for Marketing Leader – Full Name CV file name: CV_MKTLead_BON_Full Name CV + Email (if any)should be in English Address: V4.4-4 – Home City Building – 177 Trung Kính – Hanoi Learn more about the BON Loyalty project: https://apps.shopify.com/bon-loyalty-rewards Feedback of employees about working in BON Loyalty team: Hà Cẩm Uyên - Team Product Marketing: A healthy working environment with youthful, open-minded colleagues, avoiding drama and toxicity. The work culture encourages everyone to strive together; the product improves when each individual's capability and the entire team's capability improve. Embracing a "growth mindset": everyone is encouraged to self-develop, and the company provides opportunities for employees to learn new knowledge and skills for their work. The boss is always ready to train and share knowledge with team members; members have clear job orientations and understand their roles and responsibilities from the beginning. Hà Quốc Việt - Team Development: Heard when providing opinions for product changes/improvements. No restrictions on the tools applied to achieve results. Bùi Phương Thảo - Team Customer Success: Secomus is a friendly, sociable, and fun environment - because most colleagues are from Gen Z and very young. Here, I learn and absorb a lot of experience from bosses and colleagues : Ninh Hoàng Anh - Team Product Marketing: The three things I like most about the company are openness, youthfulness, and sophistication, which I feel most about when working in the BON Loyalty team. Nguyễn Thúy Anh - Team Development: A comfortable working environment, fully equipped, and efficient. Cheerful and friendly colleagues. Every working day is a happy day. Nguyễn Trung Hiếu - Partnership: The job changes daily according to the market, competition, and customers. Meeting and connecting with various partners worldwide, understanding customers' pain points and needs. The team is young, outcome-oriented, and work-focused. Đoàn Lê Phương Uyên - Remote Support: Nothing is better than working with boss Lucy and super helpful colleagues. BON is where I find myself and showcase my abilities. Despite being remote, the benefits I receive are incomparable. I hope to have the opportunity to go to Hanoi to work as a regular employee. Hồ Văn Nam - Team Development: A professional, dynamic working environment with friendly, lovely colleagues. Everything makes me deeply fond. Trịnh Huy Bằng - Development Intern: Everyone is cheerful, sociable, and very caring. Especially enthusiastic and responsible in their work. There are many interesting programs (like eating, holiday games, ...). Nguyễn Thu Thủy - Marketing Intern: The BON team has many good points that I could keep talking about forever : But what makes me want to bond and accompany BON the most is the people. Each person in the team brings a unique color, but everyone is very friendly and amiable. And those colors, when together, create a very harmonious picture, full of youthful energy and creativity. Every day at work, I learn many new things from my colleagues, from work experience to living skills. Besides, BON is also an environment with many opportunities for personal development. Within the team, everyone is always ready to share useful knowledge, highly applicable to work. Additionally, the team has policies to support employees in learning and improving professional knowledge.

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Tiếp Thị, Quảng Cáo/Truyền Thông > Tiếp Thị

Phần Mềm CNTT/Dịch vụ Phần mềm

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Marketing Management, UI/UX, E-commerce, English, Market Research

Tiếng Anh

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V4.4-4 – Tòa nhà Home City – 177 Trung Kính – Hà Nội

Trang chủViệc làmPhần Mềm CNTT/Dịch vụ Phần mềmCông Ty Cổ Phần Công Nghệ Secomus[Urgent] Marketing Team Leader, Định Hướng Project Manager (Shopify) - Upto $3000
Công Ty Cổ Phần Công Nghệ Secomus
Công Ty Cổ Phần Công Nghệ Secomus
Công Ty Cổ Phần Công Nghệ Secomus

V4.4-4 – Tòa nhà Home City – 177 Trung Kính – Hà Nội

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Trang chủViệc làmPhần Mềm CNTT/Dịch vụ Phần mềmCông Ty Cổ Phần Công Nghệ Secomus[Urgent] Marketing Team Leader, Định Hướng Project Manager (Shopify) - Upto $3000