Vice Principal of School

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Mô Tả Công Việc

The Deputy Head of School cooperates with the Head of School to be overall responsible for all school functions in general. The deputy head of school may delegate specific duties and/or tasks to other employees as required in consultation with the Management Board.

1. Board Relations:
● Advise the Board of Directors regarding the need for new and/or revised policies, develop all policies and procedures for implementation.
● Provide advices to the board of directors on all matters requiring Board actions, presenting before Board such facts and information as needed to make informed decision
● Develop long-term strategic plan for the school with Head of School, Board of Directors, Staff, and Students and community representation and responsible for implementation of plan
● Attend and participate in all meetings with the Board of Directors as required by the Board Chair.
● Strive to create and maintain a positive and trusting working relationship between and among Board Members and Board of School Executive

2. Personnel Management and Personal Growth
● Assume final responsibility with the Head of School to recommend to the Board the selection, assignment, dismissal, and evaluation of all personnel.
● Administer HR policies and regulations with consistency and fairness in compliance with Vietnamese labour laws and maintain positive professional relationships with all personnel
● Facilitate annual salary and benefit proposal for VFIS positions for board consideration
● Coordinate the work of staff members, provide counsel and motivation for staff
● Draw up the staffing plan with number and types of positions required to adequately staff the school’s programmes and operations
● Participate in faculty development and encourage team work and professional roles
● Provide ongoing programme of professional development growth for all staff members within the school
● Annually prepare and distribute staff handbooks and other necessary procedural documents.
● Organize staff orientation to include all staff at beginning of the school year
● Deliver training sessions to new Vietnamese teaching staff (teachers and teaching assistant) at beginning of the school year
● Take main responsibility in supervising Vietnamese teachers and teaching assistants on their work

3. Instructional & Student Management
● Responsible for development and maintenance of high-quality educational programs to meet the needs of students and the community
● Conduct periodic evaluation of the total school programme and advise the Board of Directors on recommendations for the educational improvement of the school.
● Develop and maintain sound enrollment procedures with careful attention to maximum class size, students with special learning needs, entry assessment and placements.
● Keep current with trends and developments in curriculum and teaching pedagogy
● Manage directly Research and Development Department, Academic Department and Learning Support Division
● Collaborate and advise Admission procedures

4. Facilities Management
● Make recommendations for improvements, alterations, and changes to the school facilities and campus
● Maintain an inventory and replacement cycle of all capital and instructional equipment
● Ensure a safe and clean environment for school operations and implement corrective actions as needed.
5. Public Relations
● Present a positive image of the school by participating in community life and activities
● Establish open communication with faculty, support staff, and parents
● Collaborate closely with Admissions and Communication Department, the Head of School to prepare and updates all public relations material pertaining the school
● Maintain an effective feedback process for the resolution of school-related problems presented by groups and individuals within the community.
6. Government authority relations
● Be the main contact point between the school and Ministry of Education and Training, City and District Department of Education and Training
● Complete all reports related to the school practice required by the Vietnam government authorities
7. Other duties
● Responsible for other tasks as assigned by the TDTU President
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Yêu Cầu Công Việc

● Master Degree or higher degree in the field of education or public administration or business administration or equivalent.
● Minimum of 5+ years experience in the education, especially in high school
● Experienced with international education
● Experienced in leading the development of curriculum
● Experienced in senior leadership role in a school environment
● Experienced in quality control and in the accreditation process
● Experienced in strategic planning, long range fiscal planning, and budget management
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
● Excellent communicator. Able to well represent the school in front of public officials, parents, and school community.
● Ability to lead and work with people from various backgrounds and nationalities.
● Lifelong learner.
● Proficient English and Vietnamese. The candidate must have the ability to speak and write fluently.

Địa Điểm Làm Việc

Số 1, đường D1, phường Tân Phong, quận 7, TP HCM

Triết lý giáo dục Phần Lan luôn là kim chỉ nam cho mọi hoạt động dạy và học tại VFIS, trong đó học sinh chính là trung tâm và được định hướng trở thành những người học suốt đời với các giá trị cốt lõi sau:

Vitality: Sức sống mạnh mẽ và sâu sắc
Flexibility: Khả năng thích ứng và linh hoạt
Inclusion: Hòa nhập cùng phát triển
Sisu: Nội lực bền bỉ, quyết chí vươn lên

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Số 1, đường D1, phường Tân Phong, quận 7, TP HCM
25-99 nhân viên


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