Village School Early Years Educational Assistant

Village School Early Years Educational Assistant

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Job Description

Chadwick Schools Mission:
Chadwick schools develop global citizens with keen minds, exemplary character, self-knowledge
and the ability to lead.
This job description describes, in general terms, the typical responsibilities the Village School
Educational Assistant in the Early Years (K1-G1) will be expected to undertake. However, the role
may vary or be amended from time to time without changing the level of responsibility
associated with the job.
Note: Village School Educational Assistants may have varied levels of experience and training
however, they must be fully credentialed with a college or university degree in education, with
evidence of these credentials. We are seeking Vietnamese teachers with strong English skills.

We are looking for individuals that are:
● Student centered
● Collaborative
● Professionally grounded
● Innovative
● Globally minded
● Technologically competent

Teaching and learning:
Village School Educational Assistants work closely with the Whole School Curriculum
Coordinator and homeroom teachers in the daily planning and implementation of lessons in classes. This may involve working with individuals or small groups of students, leading learning experiences, preparing materials, maintaining the classroom environment and other teaching related responsibilities. Specifically we are looking for individuals who are able to:
● Assist in the educational and social emotional development of students under the direction and guidance of other homeroom and specialist teachers.
● Provide support for individual students inside and outside the classroom to enable them to fully participate in activities. In particular, supporting our ESOL population and our students with additional social-emotional or academic needs.
● Assist homeroom teachers with observation and documentation of learning.
● Supervise the safety of students and support the development of social and emotional skills while on the playground and in the classroom and on field trips.
● Attend and contribute to collaborative planning meetings with the grade level team and in specific designated planning collaboration time with their homeroom teacher and/or specialist teachers.
● Participate in parent-teacher and student-led conferences.
● Assist and lead in afternoon Exploratory offerings. This includes planning, leading and securing materials needed to conduct these activities.
● Assist and lead in Outdoor Education and experiential learning activities.
● Village School Educational Assistants may be asked to do short term substitution for their homeroom teacher and on occasion other grade levels as needed.

Administrative duties:
Village School Educational Assistants will provide administrative support to the Village School by:
● Working with the homeroom teacher in preparing and presenting displays of students'
● Providing language support for parents when possible.
● Sharing responsibilities such as photocopying, preparing materials and other tasks with the homeroom teacher in order to support teaching.

Chadwick International Ecopark will provide:
● IB PYP professional development.
● Additional training as appropriate to the role and school goals including, inquiry,
differentiation, supporting ESOL students, Early Years, etc.
● Collaboration with teacher peers.
● On-going professional development in supporting the Village School Educational
Assistant role
Additional Qualities:
Village School Educational Assistants need to believe in the importance and value of play-based learning. We are looking for individuals who bring enthusiasm and joy to their work and can easily build a rapport with students and colleagues. As English will be our language of instruction and collaboration, a strong working knowledge of English, written and spoken, is a requirement. Cross cultural understanding and experience is preferred. In addition please see the traits of a Chadwick teacher resource.
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Job Requirements

Chadwick seeks to identify, foster, assess, and reward the following personal and
professional qualities in its faculty and staff:
1. Student-centered: Dedicated to the intellectual, emotional, social, and ethical well being of Chadwick students as our first priority; able to engage them collectively and individually as whole people possessed not only of intellect but of passions, feelings, thoughts, and lives outside of school; and committed to teaching in ways that inspire a joy in learning and engagement in every student.
2. Collaborative: Wanting to work with colleagues and students and to contribute
creatively to effective working teams.
3. Professionally grounded: Not only well-educated and passionate about learning and teaching, but also committed to all facets of Chadwick’s mission and conversant with the research that supports our pedagogy.
4. Innovative: Willing to try new educational approaches and modify program and
pedagogy appropriately to take full advantage of learning opportunities.
5. Globally minded: Understanding of the need to connect with people, ideas, and
perspectives from around the world to prepare students for the future.
6. Technologically competent: Able to integrate technology meaningfully as an essential element in the teaching “toolbox”.

Job Locations

Khu đô thị Ecopark, Văn Giang, Hưng Yên

Welcome to Chadwick International Ecopark

It is with much pleasure that we invite you to learn more about Chadwick International Ecopark. The Ecopark campus, opening in August 2023, will continue the remarkable legacy forged by Chadwick School in California, USA, and Chadwick International in Songdo, South Korea. All three schools share a common mission to develop global citizens with keen minds, exemplary character, self-knowledge, and the ability to lead.

The beautiful state-of-the-art Ecopark campus, located 20 km from Hanoi business district, has been designed in collaboration with our Chadwick faculty and reflects the philosophy of the school’s founder, Margaret Chadwick. Her beliefs were engraved on the entrance to Chadwick School in California that “boys and girls may find excellent instruction, plenty of outdoor life and good companions.”

The learning spaces on the Ecopark campus are dynamic; designed to ignite creativity, like the theater, dance studio and innovation hubs, encourage experiential learning through our culinary kitchen, art studios and science labs and to challenge students to both lead and collaborate in our gymnasiums, pool, athletic field, and playgrounds. The Ecopark environment lends itself to support learning outdoors which is such an integral part of our Chadwick curriculum, with its lakes, golf courses, parks, clean air, and natural spaces. Our exceptional faculty have been selected with care to deliver a program that fosters a love of learning that will extend beyond their PK-12 experience.

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Khu đô thị Ecopark, Văn Giang, Hưng Yên
25-99 staffs


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