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Main purpose of the position:

+ Ensure safety and fire prevention regulations in empty yard operations

+ Accurately control the quantity, quality, type of goods and safes delivered and received by customers and suppliers.

+ Arrange and store all types of goods, cases, crates, pallets, bottles… and fully record according to the company's standards.

+ Prepare and provide sufficient empty pallet, crates, bottles and other materials according to the production plan

+ Supervise and monitor imported and exported goods promptly to serve production and business, warehousing and external warehouses in line with FIFO standards,

+ Prepare and submit periodic reports on time

+ Analyse the fluctuation and sharp forecast of the market’s demand-supply to have quick action and pro-actively solutions to make sure sufficient empties for the production in line with CTS (compliance to Schedule)

Job responsibilities:

+ Ensure compliance and safety implementation of the Factory's regulations on labor safety and fire prevention – No LTA for Carlsberg staffs and contractors.

+ Prepare and submit periodic reports of in-out flows of goods and information.

+ Carry out daily and periodic inventory counts according to regulations to ensure stock accuracy vs NAV.

+ Update accurate and timely data into the Navision system

+ Regularly monitor the import and export of empty, and sorting on yards

+ Coordinate the loading and unloading, clean and wash empties, sorting, crating… on yard, and other types of goods as required

+ Ensuring the quality of empty returned and empty pallets when supplied to production in line with CTS.

+ Supervise forklift operations at the empty yards, and all types of vehicles importing and exporting goods

+ Report accurate inventory daily

+ Report importing pallets from Suppliers and from Distributors and Transporters

+ Report on seasonal labor usage monthly

+ Report on import of new bottles, new crates and new pallets

+ Report the number of disposal goods, process work flow for sales/ scrap and dispose monthly

+ Arrange empty warehouse yeard according to correct/propriate SKU and comply with layout and FIFO

+ Supervise and coordinate the delivery, shipping and disposal of goods with: scrap, waste, liquidated assets

+ Fully Comply with the rules and regulations of the Company and Carlsberg Group

+ Implement well processes and quality management systems, environmental management systems, ensure food hygiene and safety, and 5S standards.

+ Manage and divide main work groups and supervise the work of each group

+ Other works and tasks as assigned by the Logistics Manager

Yêu cầu công việc

Personal qualifications / competencies

+ Have working experience in a relevant position for at least 3 years.

+ Proficient in WMS and data analysis skills, presenting effects (Excel, Power BI, Power point...).

+ Responsible, enthusiastic, honest

+ Careful and meticulous attitude in work.

+ Problem-solving skills & presentation, negotiation and teamwork skills

Educational / minimum requirements:

+ Bachelor degree or equivalent.

+ English: Proficient in communicating with cross-functions and other departments and senior managers.

+ Proficient in word, excel, power point, power BI…

Stakeholders & Relations

(Internal & External)

+ Internal: - Other teams in the Logistics Department;

+ Other departments along the ISC: HSE, B&P & Packaging, QA, M.U, Project… *Outside: Distributors, suppliers, transporters, contractors

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BHXH, BHYT, AON 24/7 (for self & family)

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Personal Laptop
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Warehouse Management, HSE, Oracle Warehouse Management, Control Warehouse, Warehouse Monitoring

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Carlsberg Vietnam
Carlsberg Vietnam
Carlsberg Vietnam

15th floor, Sonatus Building, 15 Le Thanh Ton, Ben Nghe, District 1, HCMC

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