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Mô Tả Công Việc

The company doctor is responsible for health care for employees in organization.
The occupational health service has fundamentally an advisory function in the areas of occupational safety and health promotion.
The occupational health service assists companies in fulfilling the legally required medical preventive measures towards the staff.
The occupational health service is intended to ensure that occupational accidents and occupational diseases can be prevented in good time. Through a wide variety of preventive examinations, which arise from the occupational health screening, a healthy environment can be created for employees.

4. Duties and Responsibilities
A Well-Being Advisor shall be expected to perform the including but not limited to the following key tasks:

A Doctor, or Physician, is responsible for promoting the health and safety of their patients by providing proactive treatment and diagnoses. Their duties include speaking with patients to address their health concerns, conducting physical examinations to ensure their patients’ health and administering vaccinations for common illnesses or allergies.

Doctors, also known as physicians, are licensed health professionals who maintain and restore human health through the practice of medicine, examine patients, review their medical history, diagnose illnesses or injuries, administer treatment, and counsel patients on their health and well-being.
4.1 Consultation Role
• Cultivate a safe, secure, and healthy environment for patients, colleagues, and staff, and provide exceptional quality of care and service to patients and their family members.
• Help answer patients’ questions and address their concerns before, during, and after examination
• Maintain accurate and secure electronic medical records for patients
• Recognize the symptoms and signs of various illnesses and injuries, order appropriate tests, and prescribe treatments.
• Maintain regularly updated patient medical records that document all evaluations, medications, treatments, allergies, test results and other records.
• Evaluate a patient’s symptoms and determine the most appropriate course of treatment to address them
• Prescribe medications in compliance with state and federal statutes and inform patients of all possible risks, complications and interference with other medications they may be taking
• Supervise and evaluate Medical Assistants to ensure full compliance with regulations and make sure that the current care program is as effective as possible
• Responding to patients’ medical problems by referring to their history, carrying out diagnosis, treatment, counseling, and referral, where necessary.
• Maintaining confidentiality and impartiality at all times.
• Performing minor surgeries.
• Explaining procedures or prescribed treatments to patients.
• Liaising with medical professionals in the community and hospitals.
• Meeting targets set by the government for specified treatments, e.g. child immunization.
• Keeping up-to-date with medical developments, treatment, and medication.
• Prescribe, administer, and dispense medication and supplements in accordance with national and local regulations
• Document all patient evaluations, treatments, medications, and transactions according to organizational policies and procedures
4.2 Implementation Role
• Set-up Internal Medical Station • Advise BOD on build up Health facilities (Machines,…), Ordering lab tests and interpreting the test results.
• Discussing and evaluating new pharmaceutical products with pharmaceutical representatives.
• Manage Nursing Staff by scheduling working shifts ensure 24/7 service consistently.
• Manage a team of medical assistants to ensure their compliance with all applicable regulations by promoting health education in conjunction with other health professionals.
• Work with HSE to prevent …. by evaluating risk, design preventive method working/ system: Fire drills, COVID-19,...
• Create care plans, coordinate diagnostic tests and other services, and counsel patients on preventive healthcare practices
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Yêu Cầu Công Việc

• An M.D. from an accredited medical school
• A current medical license
• Good communication, presentation and persuasion skill.
• Fluent in English and Vietnamese, both written and spoken
• Proficient in MS office suite.
• Excellent presentation skill and interpersonal skill.
• Creative thinking, flexibility and continuous improvement.
• Long term commitment / engagement and objective oriented is highly desirable.
• The ability to work to deadlines, handle high levels of pressure/challenges and critical decision-making.

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Binh Duong, Vietnam

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