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Hồ Chí Minh

Mô tả công việc

These are the four main areas identified as the purpose of the role;

-Promoting a love of reading

-Information Literacy coordination

-Administration including cataloguing, budgeting and renewal of stock

-Creating an irresistible environment to support the love of reading

Engagement and Interaction – School Ambassador to Internal Community

▪ Promotes a love of reading and the use of information resources to maximise each learner's potential.

▪ Promotes and nurtures the school library services for the whole BVIS community.

▪ Works to ensure that the resourcing and development of library services is commensurate with the Mission, Vision and Values of the school.

▪ Is integral in working with the learning community in coordinating the inclusion of Information Literacy skills across the curriculum.

▪ Works closely with teaching staff to ensure that the Library service provides appropriate resources to support teaching and learning.

▪ Is integral in working with subject leaders to resource books for their subjects.

▪ Works with head teachers, subject leaders and department leaders to host events like reading workshops, reading seminars for parents and students.

▪ Provides a hub for information about new texts and those related to whole school curriculum.

▪ Provision provided by the library staff team across the school is of an excellent quality.

▪ Is involved in the organisation and delivery of Primary, Secondary and Whole School events, festivals, House events, assemblies, special focus weeks and Friends of BVIS (FoBVIS)

▪ Contributes to BVIS Weekly Highlights articles and support creative content for other school communication channels.

▪ Offers exciting Extra Curricular Opportunities that meet the needs of the student cohort.

▪ Is responsible for the recruitment and training of student librarians to support the wider library team.

▪ Supervises students as part of a duty rota.

▪ Ensures that the school’s H&S policy is implemented correctly within the Library and wider school environment.

▪ Liaise with all relevant academic staff regarding any students of concern.

▪ Adheres to all processes and procedures with the school’s Safeguarding and Child Protection policies.

Learning and Teaching

▪ Promotes high standards of work amongst all students.

▪ Delivers quality library lessons where students are actively engaged with a focus on high impact, effective learning.

▪ Manages any discipline issues that occur in the library in line with the school’s Positive Behaviour policies.

▪ Maintains good quality display in the library and public areas which relate to the children’s learning.

▪ Provides students with appropriate information that allows them to know where they are in their learning journey and what they need to do to improve.

Planning and Preparation

▪ Has an excellent understanding of the library systems.

▪ Plans interesting Information Literacy learning lessons.

▪ Teaches according to the needs of the students in the library differentiating for varying abilities.

▪ Works closely with Facility Manager and Maintenance Manager to identify and strategically plan for the continuous improvement of the library facility.

▪ Works closely with IT Manager and IT Helpdesk Supervisor to upgrade the library management system and ensure the resources management system is operating effectively.

▪ Is ambitious and reflective across all aspects of teaching.

▪ Shares good practice with other colleagues.

▪ Ensures effective communication between library staff and class teachers and TAs.

▪ Coordinates the covering of all new books within a reasonable timeframe when new deliveries arrive throughout the year.

Professional and Personal Development

▪ Plays a full part in internal and external CPD opportunities, including staff meetings.

▪ Liaises with Headteachers, subject leads, direct line manager, BVIS Assistant Librarian and specialist library TAs to contribute to an annual Action Plan and requisition.

▪ Takes into account the identified whole school and campus developments for the year and work as part of the year group to implement any necessary changes and developments identified.

▪ Any other reasonable task assigned by the Principal or Head teachers.

Strategic Development

▪ Works with the BVIS Assistant Librarian and specialist library TAs to ensure that there is a strategic vision and development plan for the campus libraries.

▪ Works with the BVIS Assistant Librarian and specialist library TAs in developing and maintaining relevant policies and practices related to the development of an outstanding Library.

▪ Ensures effective communication between the Library and all stakeholders.

▪ Promotes all Library services across the BVIS community

▪ Works with BVIS Assistant Librarian and specialist library TAs to ensure the efficient maintenance and development of the book collection and shelving system of the whole school.

▪ Performance manage and appraise colleagues within the library using the NAE performance management system.

▪ Act as a mentor/coach to new colleagues, inducting them into the library.

Yêu cầu công việc


▪ Library qualification or training (must have)

▪ Experience of working in a library setting (must have)

Recognised teaching qualification for primary or secondary (must have)

Experience / Knowledge

▪ Good working knowledge of the English National Curriculum

▪ Outstanding classroom practice

▪ Have a passion for and good knowledge of both global children's literature and Vietnamese literature

▪ International Experience

▪ Experience of teaching/Knowledge of the IPC (International Primary Curriculum)

▪ Knowledge of EAL in the mainstream classroom

▪ Knowledge of library management software


▪ Able to work as part of a team

▪ High level of IT competence

▪ Use of ISAMS

Please apply for this vacancy using our recruitment portal on Success Factors at: https://careers.nordangliaeducation.com/job-invite/2533/

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13th month salary

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Private medical insurance

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20 days off per year
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Giáo Dục > Giảng Dạy/Đào Tạo

Library Management, Teaching, Giáo Dục Tiểu Học, Giáo Dục Trẻ Em, Quản Lý Thư Viện

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Tiếng Anh

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44-46 Street 1, Binh Hung, Binh Chanh

Từ khoá:
British Vietnamese International School HCMC (BVIS)
British Vietnamese International School HCMC (BVIS)
British Vietnamese International School HCMC (BVIS)

44 - 46 Street No. 1, Binh Hung Commune, Binh Chanh Dist, HCMC.

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HR Dept.

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