Why VietnamWorks

We help you find a new job and pursue the life of your dreams. We respect and value all jobseekers who visit our website. And as a sign of this respect, we commit to you the following from VietnamWorks:


With our over 11 year history, we care about you

  • We are trusted by job seekers and we take that responsibility seriously
  • We have helped millions move up in their career and achieve their dreams
  • We care deeply for our job seekers and employers

We only show REAL jobs

  • We show only jobs from companies with whom we have a relationship
  • We show only fresh jobs less than 30 days old
  • We show only true and accurate information on our website

We are #1 in Vietnam for a reason

  • We are the leading job website in Vietnam
  • We have about 200 new jobs posted every day
  • We serve over 1.3 million job seekers monthly, and over 8,000 employers annually