Workshop Shift Supervisor

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Job Description


• Responsible for the supervision and monitoring of the Contractor handling technical repairs and maintenance of all terminal equipment , Ship to Shore , engines, generators, support services equipment, vehicles, etc.
• Coordinating and monitoring the planning of the preventative and corrective maintenance activities carried out by the Contractor , to achieve maximum availability of equipment and a reduction in maintenance costs.

PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES (IPE Factors: Impact & Innovation):

• Supervise the Contractor to ensure that the equipment are maintained in a safe and reliable working condition in accordance with manufacturer recommendation and the planned preventive maintenance program
• Analyse system performances of Mechanical, hydraulic System, and engine in all port equipment.
• Assist the contractor in carrying out trouble shooting, fault finding, repair and monitoring of port equipments (container handling equipment such as ship to shore crane, rubber tire gantry crane, spreader, reachstacker, empty handlers, terminal tractors etc..)
• Study and propose improvement in maintenance methodology to improve the performance of the equipment with respect to availability and reliability
• Ensure that breakdowns are reported, recorded to CMMS and attended and repaired by the Contractor promptly, minimizing the disruption to the Operations. Control overtime through adequate planning and scheduling.
• Ensure any activity have to be input to CMMS by WO and process WO to closed.
• Ensures that planning, scheduling, and unscheduled repairs are carried out efficiently and cost effectively, with quality service.
• Assists in ensuring the administrative requirements of the department, including warranty obligations, inspection records, manual updates, equipment defect reports, maintenance services, policies, procedures, and practices.
• Reviews and recommends updates to maintenance services policies and procedures to ensure quality, reliability, and efficiencies.
• Issues purchase requisitions of material/parts required.
• In addition to PM program, assists in the development of asset refurbishment and asset replacement program.
• Prepare cost and performance reports in the format and at the intervals prescribed by management highlighting significant events.
• Maintains an effective safety program & ensure that Contractor strictly adhere to safety code of practice and that proper measures are taken to prevent accidents
• In coordination with the Contractor provides information and reports on daily equipment availability, hourly functionality, and repair status & shift reports.
• Ensure that the maintenance activity information in the Log Book relevant to any work activity is recorded accurately by the Contractor
• Monitor status and performance of the equipment; propose and implement improvement in maintenance practices leading to increased overall performance (reliability & availability) of the equipment.
• Based on equipment usage plan and scheduled maintenance and repair work, liaise with operations for the availability of the equipment.
• Monitors status of preventative maintenance schedules, to ensure all PM work is being done timely by the Contractor.
• Ensures maximum availability of equipment is maintained for port operations.
• The position is responsible for considering and ensuring the confidentiality of all works, documents and information received during the course of work performance with due diligence and not to disclose any confidential information to any third-party for any purpose that is not related to company’s business during and after the employment with CMIT.
• The position has the responsibility to read, acknowledge understanding, stay updated and set good example of compliance with the company’s policies stipulated in various regulations, guides and manuals including but not limited to the Staff Manual, IT Guide, HSSE Manual, Letter of Authority, Anti-corruption policy etc.


• In this position, the incumbent will have an opportunity to acquire skills and knowledge in the following areas:

• Exposure to maintenance scheduling & planning of complex equipment
• Experience in new processes, methods, techniques with different equipment
• Relevant next career steps might be:

• Senior Workshop Supervisor
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Job Requirements

• Requires a Technical education-diploma in Electrical Engineering or Automation Electrical.
• Requires at least five to seven years of general supervisory experience in mechanical section in any ports, mines, steel and manufacturing plants..
• Requires knowledge of wide range of Electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic systems and their controls.
• Requires knowledge and ability to read and interpret engineering drawings and schematics, service & parts manuals for various equipment. Must be able to interpret engineering drawings, layouts, and specifications.
• Understanding CMMS (IFS) is preferred.
• English
• Ability to work under pressure
• Computer literate
• Requires good to good verbal and written communications skills in English, in addition to effective interpersonal skills.
• Must be able to exercise good judgment in order to set priorities.
• Knowledge of general supervisory principles
• Tact , diplomacy and sense of humour required to deal with internal customer ( operations) and staff in stressful situations and provide confident assurance
• Self-confidence and ability to work independently
• Capable of conducting technical training

• Immediately report all job related safety injuries, illnesses, or property damage to your supervisor.
• Immediately report any nearmisses, hazardous conditions or unsafe acts to your supervisor.
• Use all Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other safety devices in a proper manner and at all times where required. This may include but not limited to the following: visibility vests, hardhats, safety footwear, seat belts in vehicles, and fall protection equipment.
• Participate in company’s HSSE activities, pre-job and regular HSSE meeting. Review JHA before doing a job if available.
• Help contractor personnel to understand CMIT safety culture and immediately intervene if unsafe behaviors by contractor personnel are observed.
• Reporting for work under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or the consumption or use of them on the company premises is strictly forbidden.
• Fighting, horseplay, or distracting behavior will not be tolerated.
• Become familiar with and observe approved safe work procedures during the course of work activities. Obey all safety rules and follow published work instructions.
• Observe and follow all warning signs, traffic signs, no smoking signs, speed limits, and walkway markings.
• Electronic devices such as cell phones, music devices, and earphones, are only to be used in break areas. The use of such devices while operating a vehicle is particularly hazardous and is prohibited.
• Know emergency signals, evacuation routes, and designated assembly areas in the event of an emergency.
• Inspect all equipment prior to use and report any unsafe conditions to your supervisor immediately.
• Only operate equipment that you are qualified and authorized to use.
• Riding as a passenger in a vehicle is only permitted if there is a seat provided for that purpose. Use seat belts at all times.
• Keep all work areas clean and free of trip hazards, trash, and debris.
• Cooperate with and assist in investigation of accidents to identify correctable cause and to prevent reoccurrence.

Job Locations

Tan Loc Quarter, Phuoc Hoa Ward, Phu My Town, Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province

Cai Mep International Terminal Co., Ltd. was established on January 26, 2007 as a joint venture between the Vietnam-based Saigon Port, Vietnam National Shipping Lines and APM Terminals BV. CMIT has been operating a large-scale, modern container terminal facility which is able to cater to large main line container vessels since March 2011.

The terminal is located strategically on the Cai Mep river in Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province, 80 km from Ho Chi Minh City, will offer its customers state-of-the-art container handling and IT equipment.

Providing a safe, secure and efficient cargo and vessel operations is of utmost importance to CMIT as this will enable local importers and exporters efficient and reliable connectivity with the global markets.

The 600 meters of berth is equipped with 5 super post-Panamax gantry cranes which together with the RTG-based yard operation allows for an annual handling capacity of over 1.1 million TEUs.

It is CMIT’s policy to conduct its activities in a manner that protects the health and safety of its employees and others at the terminal.

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Tan Loc Quarter, Phuoc Hoa Ward, Phu My Town, Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province
100-499 staffs
HR Department


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