CL Chartered Professional Accountant

CL Chartered Professional Accountant

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Website: CL Chartered Professional Accountant Ltd. has grown significantly in the past three years. Our team has over 16 years of accounting and tax experience with different accounting and tax backgrounds. We have hundreds of businesses with various clients. We focus on businesses and understand different clients’ needs. We provide whole accounting and tax packages at affordable and reasonable prices. Our mission is to help clients be successful with our decent accounting and tax experience. We often get similar referrals from different clients. We provide clients with full accounting and tax services while you can fully work on your business and enjoy yourself with your family and friends.

CL Chartered Professional Accountant


Công ty chưa cập nhật video giới thiệu.

Công ty chưa cập nhật video giới thiệu.

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13th month salary and Quarterly Performance Bonus

Khám sức khoẻ

Premium Healthcare Plan

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12 days of annual leave and cash payment when does not use up

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Công việc mỗi trang: 20
Accountant – Canadian Accounting and Taxation Services
$450 - $550
Hồ Chí Minh
Cập nhật: 13/05/2024
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