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Highend Architecture JSC

Highend Architecture JSC

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  • Quy mô

    25-99 nhân viên

  • Lĩnh vực

    Kiến trúc/Thiết kế nội thất

  • Liên hệ

    Phạm Thị Hảo

HighEnd Architecture is an innovative architecture firm in Hanoi, Vietnam with an experienced and award winning staff, globally recognized for our outstanding achievements in areas of corporate, commercial, and civic projects. We focus on design excellence, originality, and sustainability, while our internal management processes enable us to deliver in the most timely and cost effective way. In our work we continuously apply cutting edge technology and are following worldwide standards for exceptional service and design innovation. From schools and residential areas to high-rise office buildings, shopping centers and luxury resorts, all our architectural work is characterized by its inner coherence, its intelligibility, and its harmonious relationship with the surrounding environment, reflecting our advanced environmental consciousness. In constant search of innovative design, we identify creative, yet practical answers to potential problems and challenges. We believe that a close working relationship with our clients is fundamental in order to obtain a detailed understanding of the client’s needs and requirements, and finally accomplish the best conceptual design and architectural output. HighEnd Architecture’s multinational team, with enthusiastic and highly experienced professionals, is unified in its total commitment to its clients and its commitment to excellence. Combining talent, wisdom and expertise, built on broad international experience, we bring to our clients uniquely designed solutions and together we create success in an ever changing world.

Highend Architecture JSC


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Tất cả địa điểm
Công việc mỗi trang: 20
Quản Lý Kết Cấu
$ 800-1,000 /tháng
Hà Nội
Cập nhật: 09/07/2024
Kỹ Sư Kết Cấu
$ 500-700 /tháng
Hà Nội
Cập nhật: 05/07/2024
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